Sunday, August 23, 2009

more of my weekend away.

My mother keeps the most beautiful English-country-style garden. (at least, i think that is the style... ) It is soooooooooooo gorgeous. She moves plants here and there to make the layers look right year after year. Her dear son-in-law surprises her with new features every once and a while, and helps with things like the waterfall. :)
While i was staying with them last weekend, i enjoyed the peacefulness of laying on the grass watching the blooms sway in the breeze. Water moving over rocks in soft gurgles always makes me feel very comfortable. I have always loved the sounds of water.

My Dad (aka Daddio) is so cute!! (sorry dad!! hahaha, i couldn't resist haha) sitting and playing his guitar in the background of our daily activities...whether evening in the living room surrounded by portraits of family, or outside as this picture shows - relaxing in the grass. He is really good too. I love the sounds of guitar as much as the sounds of water.... :)

anyway. we went to a wedding yesterday, and i will update the blog soon with pictures taken by Julia at the event.



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