Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy New Year?

Where has time gone?  The question that haunts us all as the world spins and the seasons change outside and in.

I may start writing here again.  It is a lovely outlet for thoughts and creativity, but time is precious so I make no promises.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holiday Part 2

 Wow. The Pictures say it all. (Almost) haha. We picked and ate wild blueberries.  We rambled along the side of a mountain, climbed a pass, ate lunch at a glacial lake. Amazing.

 At the end of our visit we hosted a Cousin Sleepover and stayed in my folks' backyard in tents. Super Fun.  Then my dear Sister and Mum made a delicious breakfast for all the bleary eyed "sleep over crew". :)


 British Columbia Highlights.......
 White Rock, of course. This is a must see. My parents owned their first home here as newlyweds.  *Aww*  We dug up some creatures and ate fish and chips!

 Exploring "1000's Steps".
 Gangsta Cousins.
 My gorgeous sista!
 My Amy-dear.
 Gold Rush!! Some PRETTY excited kids!
 Fort Langley:  wonderful dress up, exploring, learning, good ol' times.
 Cute pioneer girl.
 Hahaha. He rolled the barrel down the hill, and then ran fast enough to get in front of it. This guy just loves slap-stick comedy! :)
 Which furs will you trade?
 Classic tug-of-war.
 So many dinners at Nana's kitchen. Best place in town to get a good meal for all 13 of us!
 Great Grandma!!
 Great Opa and Linda. Family visits are so lovely.
 Date Trip to Vancouver!! Tandem + Stanley Park = terrific!
Wonderful time wandering with my love. Here we are on Grandville Island.

Monday, July 29, 2013


 An amazing surprise: a sister for the weekend! :)

I am so blessed by my Dave bringing her here to me! I love my sister!
 Special Birthday Breakfast for me! :)
 Extra Special because of my sister!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Counting to 1000.

 I have been counting my blessings, with thousands of other grateful hearts, after reading Ann Voskamp's book, "1000 Gifts".   I am nearing the goal.  My book has many more pages, however, and I plan on going on and on.  I never want to stop thanking God. For everything.  The lovely, joy-scented things and the hard, hurtful ones too.  I am encouraged daily by God's great and mighty ways.  He is good.

Anyway, here are some things I LOVE about Summer, and things I am thankful for! God has given me wonderful, beautiful people to share this life with!!!  Thank you God for friends and time to spend with them!

Thank you God for the gorgeous lake we live near, and the dazzling sunsets you paint for us each evening!
 Thank you for delightfully crazy children!
 Thank you for my best-friend-love-of-my-life-Dave!
 Thank you God for birthday surprises: flowers and more flowers!
 Thank you God for book time, libraries, minds that are hungry for learning, eyes that see and read!
 Thank you God for a husband that helps me (yet again) with the photo wall, since I am helpless with tools and the like. (and he never makes me feel bad for that!)  (the empty mirror will have a cork board for "quick-update" photos )  (Sarah, do you see your art there? the top left side? )
 Thank you God for deer, and hunters, and a BBQ. Heehee.
 Thank you God for Washers and Dryers and lazy summer days when I don't have to fold the clothes right away because we aren't GOING anywhere (finally)!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Restore us, Oh God, let your face shine, that we may be saved! Psalm 80:3

 Restoring our souls this week at the Pinery.
Relax. Refresh. Cold water. Hot sand. *ahhhhh*

 This hut was not our own handiwork, but it was photo worthy. The beach was strewn with driftwood homes to explore.

I did not get any photos of our day on the river, so I will paint it for you in words.  The bright morning sun glimmered over waterlilies and turtle backs as we paddled, somewhat sloppily upstream.  Two fishing rods flipped over the edge, and five people piled in, we were wobbly. Sometimes whiny, but eventually the peace (like a river) became more apparent in our voices and hearts.  Sammy caught one fish, and as Dave was dangling the rod to show him his fish, another caught the line!! He accidentally caught a second fish! That was good for a laugh.

After a midday rest and sup, we went back to the river for a Kayak trip.  Julia and I were to have a date paddling.  Dave figured he would grant Sammy his wish and rent a pedal-boat for the three of them to play in until we returned.   *Ah* I loved the Kayak, it is nice to control and whisks lightly on the surface of the river.  Dave found himself the sole peddler of his boat, and trying to get anywhere in a four person pedal boat alone is tough... so a few minutes later he skimmed over to us in a lovely double kayak with S and M snug in their seats. This was a huge hit, and I think we will scrap the canoe next time and stick with Kayaks. It was awesome.

Family Favorite: During our camping trips we make sure we are in the middle of a great book to read as a family.  During lunch, dinner, evenings, rainy-days we always have this to fall back on if we need a "down time" as a family.

Family Food:  Have a pie iron? (or Sandwich iron)   We do! It makes for quick, simple, delicious lunches everyday!  Pack wraps (or bread- but wraps turn out the best and take up less packing space), your choice of filling (pizza meat, cheese, deli meat, taco meat, jam, etc etc, you name it!) and voila ! No need to light your cook stove, or wash a bunch of dishes,  just sit around the fire and cook up some goodness! (As a note: we only have one iron, and I think it works fine for us, but if you have a family that gets really hungry out in the wild and cannot wait for their turn to get a cooked wrap... well, buy a few irons!)
 The coveted Hammock swing. :) During our pack-up day we did ten minute "Hammock Duty" for the kids, so that in between folding up tents, washing dishes, and packing the van they could swing in silence and rest.  Next year we'll train them so that Mom and Dad get a turn in the hammock too... hopefully.
 Content. with. tent. :)   I love being out-of-doors with my man, my best friend! :)

The kids loved this natural watering hole in the base of these two trees.

 We did some hiking "off path" up and down the massive old dunes. It is a strange thing to be climbing (as though going up a mountain side) and the ground underfoot is all white sand.   Some days the hikes were dry, sunny treks and others were grey and rainy. 
 (watching Uncle J's mad boomerang skills at the Lake house this week)