Saturday, May 02, 2015


 I love watching my children grow in wisdom and maturity, taking on roles that once were mine.  For example, Samuel read a few stories for his cousins during their visit.
 Enjoying the library together.
 Cousin Table!
 Walking with Auntie.
 Chicken Chase.

 The Maternity Ward: lots of pregnant sheep, lots of lambs!

 Roasting dinner and dessert. Nicest way to spend an evening together, around the fire.
 The "Marie" sisters.
 Sweeeeeeeet marshmallow faces!

Friday, April 24, 2015

April in Ontario.....short on words, rich in photos.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Present Day (Sinter Klaus)

Sam created a piece of art as a memorial for the duck we lost this fall.  Julia has been holding it nearly the whole day.  Her heart is healing from her loss thanks to the kindness of Sam's Christmas present.
Julia sewed a mermaid tail costume for Mercy's doll.  "That is sooooo beautiful!" Says Mercy upon opening it.
Julia also made aprons for Dave and I.  Sweet girl!
Sam came up with an idea for Mercy, Mine craft blocks.  So he cut, sanded and painted these wood chunks for her.
Thanks Nana and Grandpa for the gifts!!! Sam with his gravity defying kit.
Mercy reading her new devotional.
Julia checking Wally's heartbeat with her new stethoscope.

Symphony Time! :)

Friday, December 05, 2014

Sinter Klaas is Near

Dear Friends, the weather is crisp and blue these days. Joy bubbles up in my heart as I remember days like this 13 years ago in Sweden. (As I write that number, I have to pause and check my dates because my mind cannot grasp that length of time passing. It feels like just a moment ago.) I walk before dawn, hearing nothing but the crunch of my steps on the gravel road just like many paths trod in forests far removed from our little Ontario township.  Memories are so sweet and fragrant to the soul, are they not? God has blessed us with the ability to travel back in time to recount the joy he has brought us before.  Bringing hope of joys yet to come. 

December brings Sinter Klaas day for us, and many preparations for the season.  Here are some photographs for you to enjoy.  Creativity abounds. 

M with her beloved penguins. She is slightly obsessed with this bird.  If you can tell. Sugar cube igloo and gumdrop penguins were a big hit.

 Darling J with her cozy cabin, complete with sauna this year! Don't you just want to make a reservation and stay there for a night? Skates are waiting at the front door, you can take a turn about the pond before settling in!
 Silly S, he doesn't follow a design, although if he had to pick a title for this one I would suggest "The Storm of '98" or something of that nature.  Wouldn't  you say it looks a wee bit as though hydro lines have fallen along with some birch trees? He calls it the "I Spy" house.

See you again soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy New Year?

Where has time gone?  The question that haunts us all as the world spins and the seasons change outside and in.

I may start writing here again.  It is a lovely outlet for thoughts and creativity, but time is precious so I make no promises.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holiday Part 2

 Wow. The Pictures say it all. (Almost) haha. We picked and ate wild blueberries.  We rambled along the side of a mountain, climbed a pass, ate lunch at a glacial lake. Amazing.

 At the end of our visit we hosted a Cousin Sleepover and stayed in my folks' backyard in tents. Super Fun.  Then my dear Sister and Mum made a delicious breakfast for all the bleary eyed "sleep over crew". :)


 British Columbia Highlights.......
 White Rock, of course. This is a must see. My parents owned their first home here as newlyweds.  *Aww*  We dug up some creatures and ate fish and chips!

 Exploring "1000's Steps".
 Gangsta Cousins.
 My gorgeous sista!
 My Amy-dear.
 Gold Rush!! Some PRETTY excited kids!
 Fort Langley:  wonderful dress up, exploring, learning, good ol' times.
 Cute pioneer girl.
 Hahaha. He rolled the barrel down the hill, and then ran fast enough to get in front of it. This guy just loves slap-stick comedy! :)
 Which furs will you trade?
 Classic tug-of-war.
 So many dinners at Nana's kitchen. Best place in town to get a good meal for all 13 of us!
 Great Grandma!!
 Great Opa and Linda. Family visits are so lovely.
 Date Trip to Vancouver!! Tandem + Stanley Park = terrific!
Wonderful time wandering with my love. Here we are on Grandville Island.