Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Really Really Great Day.

My husband got me this HUGE ROCK for mother's day, i am so spoiled!! :) teehee. isn't it awesome? we found it at the beach somewhere a while back, and i asked for a necklace. :) i love it!!

We all had such a wonderful day on sunday. It was mother's day, teaching sundayschool-day, brunch at K's house-day, enjoy my family-day, walk outside-day, have some quiet time-day, and so much more. :)

Over the years my expectations of mother's day have changed... from years where i felt like it needed to be all about ME, to realizing that life is just better when it isn't "about me". Praise God for that. anyway, it is nearly time to host small group, so i can't go into detail of my walks, talks, and lovely moments.... but it was a REALLY REALLY GREAT DAY. love to all you mother's out there. :) those that are, will be, and have been. ((hug))


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