Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Springs' Defeat.

As per my last post "Spring marches on", the battle lines have shifted against said "Spring". Winter has sent us a hard blow once again, it's tactics brutal and swift. Our thoughts yesterday were full of bulbs coming up through long dormant earth, shorts to wear in the coming warmth, grass that was brown and turning green, birds filling our feeders and singing merrily. Today, we awoke to find dense, wet, ice covered snow. three or four inches of it. School is canceled again ( i think it's a record, 7 snow days!), birds have been sent Emergency rations ( while their feeders and the seed scattered over our yard is covered ) , and the kids are asleep, instead of up getting ready for the day. *yawn*

It's pretty. But our road looks just terrible!! I hope they clear it soon so i can feel better about my drive to the grocery store today... otherwise i'll just have to drive in that mess. Ik. slush, frozen slush.

However, if one looks up; to the trees, the fences, the root tops, the snow is beautiful. Similar to a fairy land with three inches of white fluff covering every branch (precariously) and every surface available. Frozen white cake attached to everything around us. :) haha.


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