Thursday, March 24, 2011

A special Birthday Trip.

As a family, we are building some traditions and year to year they change and grow towards the goal of God honoring family fun. :)

For birthday's we try to have a Family Day, everyone gets the day off: of school or work. Birthday Boy/Girl gets to choose a favorite place to go; waterpark, zoo, playground, forest, bike ride, beach, etc. The plans can be simple and inexpensive, or perhaps a little more extravagant than we usually get to be! :) Such would this trip be!!

we had a lot of fun in the water park, the wave pool and the crazy slides! We ate in a rain forest, next to three noisy elephants, we walked to the largest waterfall my children have ever seen, we ate cake for breakfast in our hotel room, we laughed at the kids as they sat - fascinated - by the window on the 22nd floor of our hotel watching the tiny cars, people and buildings below. (Mercy really thought they were toys, "i want to go down and play with my little blue truck!")

We brought in the fourth year of Sam in a very happy way. :)


At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam! What a beautiful way to celebrate him!


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