Saturday, October 31, 2009

A long while

Whew. It has been quite the week. Sickness ran through our home, and now is slowly leaving. We have been down on the couch, the bed, well, you get the picture. We were tired, sore and praising God that we never got really terribly sick. Mild flu and cold symptoms, that's all.

Now we are watching the gorgeous leaves tumble and dance over the road. Last night they lay so thick, it was like orange snow in the gutters. now they are on the move though, and there will be leave drifts up against fences and cars and sidewalks. ah, Autumn. It has always been my favorite season.

Well, i thought i'd say hi to the blogger world out there... and post a couple pictures that Julia took, plus one from the sick days. enjoy! i'll post about my upcoming trip later this week!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

sick day

Here is my sweet, caring daughter... she made this theatre and 'puppets' and put on shows for sickly sam, laying flaked out on the couch this afternoon. ;) story after story about these cat and dog puppets. ;) so cute. Some of the stories involved the recent surgery that our cat just had.... and how the outcome meant no kittens, and Julia was very sad that Megan could not have kittens... hahaha.

Project day(s) : we are changing the fabric on our dining room chairs.... thanks to mama hillson for the lovely gift of the leaf print fabric!! :) i LOVE IT! it was much easier than i expected, changing the material. Taking out the old staples really hurt my wrist though! ouch!

sick day: sam and mercy are out of sorts. poor things.

apple day: i peeled and cored a half bushel of apples this morning (with the help of my trusty little old fashioned peeler machine!! ) and turned them into dried apple rings, apple crisp, apple filled buns, and dutch apple cake. the rings are STILL drying.. long process!!!

PLEASE pray for health to return to our home. :) thank you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The End of a Great Visit

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Visit with Nana and Grandpa

Julia took some photos while we were visiting some family friends. (well... we were only visiting their dog, since they weren't home when we stopped in. :) haha)

Brigden Fair!!! :)

This horse is challenging the Guiness Book of World Records for being the tallest horse. lovely thing it is! :)

Julia has decided to take up the stage and travel with Dora and Diego. She loves posing for pictures, singing and dancing and being silly in general. should work out well for her. :)

Thanksgiving with family! what a wonderful way to celebrate GOd's goodness .

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Dear Folks,

My parents are on route to my house as i type. They have landed after a long day of flying, and soon we will get to see them and hug them again.

As my kids get older, i see that being this far away from Grandpa and Nana is sad. Julia asked to go for an overnight hike the other day. And i couldn't help but think that my dad would have SO MUCH fun taking her on an overnight hike... maybe when she is older she will have the opportunity to do that with him....But there are a lot of beautiful things that my kids will miss by not seeing Nana and Grandpa in the everyday activities of life. They have many wonderful family members close by to live and learn and grow close to, and God is sovereign. So i think i just need to focus my energies on teaching my kids to write letters, send pictures, emails, etc. They can learn from and grow close to Nana and Grandpa, even if the country separates them. :)


i'm off to chill. maybe draw. or read. while i await their arrival. and then.... PIE!! :) dave made pumpkin pie from scratch today!! :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Picture of the day.

IT is an old picture, from last week, but i like it.

i had a wonderful visit with Holly on saturday. Some of the staff members were commenting on our similarities... and it is true. we DID spend a TON of childhood hours together so that aids the similar humor and mannerisms. But they said we had a similar sound of voice. similar looks. we played a game of rumicube and had tea/coffee and walked about the farm eating apples and pears from the trees.

Holly is doing well. and soon she will get to travel and tell her testimony!!! She sent me home with a copy. and i am in awe with how God really truly saves. amazing.

She has asked me to create a blog for her, and to put pictures up that she will send to me.... so... for the family reading this... i'll let you know if and when that happens. k?

Pray for sweet dear Holly! :)
thanks folks.