Saturday, December 24, 2011

Worship the King

Manger scenes, Christmas plays, cards, paintings, songs we sing: they all remind me of my need to kneel at the feet of Jesus. Nothing else matters more than this. Worship the King.

Friday, December 16, 2011

SinterKlaas. A day of gifts, generosity and fellowship. We wake, listening to the kids in their room speaking to one another. "It's present day!!" "Is that gift for you, or me?" "oh it's one gift for all of us to open! Mr. Potato Head!" (purchased for $3 at a local thrift store! enough parts to make 4 or 5 different potatoes) We gather by the tree, opening stockings first. Eating the fruit in them. Mercy hugs the banana in her stocking, "Just what I wanted! Can I eat it now?" *hahaha* I love my kids. Sammy has a mango. He's been asking for one since last month. Now it's here. mmm. Julia has a Christmas Orange. It's a favorite memory and Christmas food for her, she loves it. Then there are the stunt airplanes, the chocolates, the lifesavers, the squishy ball toys, flavored straws for milk. Stockings are such fun, don't you find? I love the little treats and treasures within them. We pause for Dave's wonderful omelet brunch around noon. We draw the day out slowly, enjoying each gift as it comes. Playing the game when it is opened, building the catapult, waiting to see Julia in her new dress. The best gifts of this year: the kids picked out a new sponsor child from Nicaragua as a gift to me. A game for the whole family to play called "Camp". A three level puzzle that Dave and I have been working on, it has large pieces for beginners, medium pieces and small pieces. They call it a Family puzzle, since all ages can work on it together. :) A huge box of special recycled gifts ( things that used to be mine as a child, so so exciting!!) from Nana and Grandpa! :) That was SO fun. :) And the Skis i found second hand for our whole family, with money from my folks that was for Christmas. What a delightful Sinterklaas, which concluded with a carol sing among friends and family. :) God is soo good. What a day of delights, remembering the joy of generosity, and fellowship.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Among the traditions that have found their way into our family is the cutting of the Christmas tree, in a special place we call Sloan's. A day away - skipping school this year - enjoying the warmth of the sun on our faces, and the sweetness of pine in the air. mmmm. Anticipation was thick in the air as we drove, well, I suppose a lot of things were 'thick' in the air, after all we had eight people in our van!! (*snicker*) Arrival brought smiles and the running of little legs, anxious to move after a long drive. Against the brilliant blue sky there are towering conifers cleaning the crisp air that we breath in deeply.
Before searching out the Tree, we sat at our very own cozy fire for snacks. Being the kids that we are, Dave and I ran off to play on the 'adventure oil rig swing' - dizzy, wo-ah! But the children's first choice of activity is almost always the Hay Maze, and understandably so. Beginning with Hide and Seek, we ran through this maze over and over again with kids laughing and personally, I felt more 'kid like' than I have in a long time!
Calling everyone out of the hidden rooms in the maze, we ran off to the Zip Line (awesome!!!). Clambering to the top of the wood and hay stand we would sit, jump and glide our way down.
Dave made us sandwiches over the fire in our sandwich iron. We snuggled on blankets, rode on a train, and petted cute sheep.
It was a perfectly lovely day. Praise the Lord for sunshine, trees, and family!!