Tuesday, January 24, 2012

..Creative Energy..

A prayer I have uttered often is this, "Lord give me energy to be creative and challenge the hearts and minds of my children." Some days are fruitful in this area, and i capture smile and art on pixels to store for when my memory fails me. So today, as I uploaded photographs onto my computer, I was struck by the lovely moments I saw there. Flashing past. Memories of imagination and art. Seeing creativity sparks more creativity I find.
Project: Ice wreath. Needed: Bunt pan, or pie plate, things found while walking in the wood, or items from your fridge for birds to eat. water. cold weather ( or your freezer ) . Have children place the oranges, pine cones, acorns, cranberries, and seeds in the plate. Pour in water. Place twine in water to hang the wreath from. Set outside to freeze. ( This took almost two weeks for us, since we have been experiencing mild weather here! ) :) Hang in tree. Enjoy the pretty colors in our season of white and gray.
Project: Egg-celent Penguins Needed: Boiled eggs, cheese, anything food-like to make penguin parts. :) My dear friend Jess was talking about fun food things she does with her girls. It inspired me to do something fun with snack time. Sammy and Mercy loved it. mmmm. Penguins. yum.
It was a day where I just wanted space, quiet, something, something other than what I was doing. Discontent. It sits festering in the bones, i hate it. I want to purge it. So, I decided to sit and do a project with Sammy instead of wallow in my feelings of discontent. And do you know what? Yes, You probably do, since it is rather common knowledge - that doing something for my children instead of whining that I could not meet my goals for the day helped to remedy my illness of heart! I know this is always true, I just wish it was easier to do. Common knowledge does not mean common practice (if it did, there would be many many fewer problems in the world). So, Sammy wanted to learn about the Solar System and we had a library book on it. This is how we learned- playdoh in hand!
thanks to my dear folks, we have been enjoying the great outdoors as often as the weather permits!! LOVE IT!!

Monday, January 09, 2012


...when I turn around from my work, I see this..
Sometimes they act so grown-up. Sammy teaching mercy Chess, then Stratego, then they read the newly chosen library books...it looks quiet, but they do bicker, quite badly at times. But then they work it out. And if I threaten to separate them because I don't want to hear them bickering, they stop, because they do not want to be separated. They really love being together. It's so sweet. I am thankful to remember this, especially when they make me want to scream in frustration. :)

Friday, January 06, 2012

A Late Christmas Post. I'm so Tardy.

A Christmas feast, a Nativity scene play, gifts made by loving hands, and family to embrace. We all enjoyed a mild and green Christmas here in NausLandia. Enjoy our Photos, they tell the story on their own sometimes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Oh What Fun! :)

Adult dinner: gorgonzola cheese fondue and roasted veggies. mmm.
"Hey kids, try to get me with a snowball.." next thing i know, seven kids are chasing me and laughing like crazy!
Ducks, cookies, cuties, and a walk in a winter wonderland.
Chess, piano, talking, eating. fellowship with sweet friends.
Happy New Year everyone!