Friday, March 31, 2006


.............are so helpful. Mine is at least....he decided that HE and Julia would was dishes after supper as a present to me. how lovely!!

The warmth of spring is seaping into our home. How delightful to have warm breezes (finally) tossing our hair about as we wander the deserted streets.

Today was preparation day, for tomorrow is our first day back in St. jacob's you see. Ah, to ramble through the winding alleys full of colorful trinkets, and hear the sounds of horses clomping by, a pan flutist at the corner, the hustle and bustle of vendors working to make a dime.....and then that aroma that sends us all to the counter demanding a FREE sample ....KETTLE CORN. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yes, we are feeding the 'latest' addiction of all North America. I'm not really into the 'latest' things, but apparently we are it. haha. It is good for the pocketbooks.....i suppose ours may be more like pocket lint, but we don't mind. :) I'd rather have a little and realize the Faithfulness of the Lord, than a lot and feel self sufficient. (not that having a lot causes that in everyone...but in some i think it could. )

Enjoy the weekend Folks.


Thursday, March 30, 2006


A trip down memory lane..............this is Julia last March.
...............this is Susan the march before that (2003). wow. how things change in two years.

I absolutely love the way the sun shines through our home. With no curtains on the windows our living and dining rooms are brilliant in the morning, and our south side rooms blaze in the afternoon. Call me a procrastinator (Re: lack of curtains after a couple months of dwelling here), and you'd be right. But i like to say I'm just making up for lost time. We spent TWO and a half years without a lot of sunlight. They occassionally allowed a ray of morning glory to fall across the bedroom, and then, BAM. no light for days.
Okay, so it wasn't anybody's fault....we just lived in a hobbit hole, a low-end one, with windows the size of Bilbo's left foot.
Don't get me wrong, i love hobbit holes. Personally, i'd prefer a home with circular doors and cylindrical hallways.....wouldn't it be so magical??? But the light issue still stands.....must have windows.
Anyway. Ranting THursday is now complete. Enjoy your spectacular, Sun-filled, glorious spring day! :)
from the nauslings.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Julia loves these girls...

This is Krystal, and below is a pic of Sarah. They work for dad, and julia loves them! haha. She talks to them NON STOP whenever they come over for breakfast or midday brunch-ish-tea-time. SO, if you girls see this, thanks for being so loveable! haha.
In the below picture is miss Julia on a walk during a very out of place snowy day. Thankfully NONE of it stuck. (yipppeeee!!) Now we are wandering into more lovely weather, full of blossoms ( we saw some crocuses on our walk today!!!!!!!!!) and warm scents in the air.....
A julia story for the day:
I am forever baffled by the intricate workings of my daughters' mind. Her sensitivity towards moods and feelings is uncanny. Today, when she displayed some unacceptable behavior and i reacted calmly, yet firm in tone of voice Julia showed me a truly beautiful spirit within her. I left the room for a quick moment, and when i returned she said to me, with a solemn face , "sorry mommy". I was floored. I hadn't asked for it. She had come to the appology all on her own, and it was sweeter than ... well, i can't talk about sugar now. i haven't been eating it for a few not to drool on the keys.

it was darling. precious. and that's our daughter. sweet Julia.

loves. bye folkies.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Name Contest

Heehee. no we aren't pregnant, yet. ha.

we want to name our house.

There have been some ideas tossed about already, but i'd like to hear your creativity blossoming on the page.... whatever we choose as a name will be painted (by sue) on a plaque, or carved in it by dave.

so far we have considered "peace and joy" in the native tongue (dutch) . However, we are unsure of whether we want all our guests Spitting on our house as they attempt to pronounce it. *ahem* If you are not dutch, please visit a friend's relatives during a meal. very amusing. :)

For those of you that have not seen our home, we have painted it all varying shades of green and brown. So it feels like walking through a forest as you wander the rooms. :)

Okay, ready??? NAME! PLEASE give us your thoughts, brainwaves, and silly comments.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


A huge step towards independence for Julia, she TOLD me she had to pee today! She asked to go to the potty, and voila! she peed. i know...very bla conversation for some, but it is thrilling to me! she is beginning to understand it all!! wow.

love to all.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Here is our sweet little girl!
Man, she loves posing for the camera! (and looking at all the pictures afterwards....then watching slide shows of the pictures on the computer and naming all the people she sees....what fun!)

oooooooh la la


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


A couple days ago i walked into Ms. J's room to find her being a 'ballerina' with this foam-tile around her waist.hahah. what a goof! Here is her pose for the camera, can't get much girlier than that little imp-ish face!! haha. what a riot.
Upon mention that we would be getting our pictures taken in the upcoming evening Julia proclaimed, "I WANNA WEAR A GOWN!". So, we went in search of suitable Princess-wear for the evening. :) this is what we decided on. A lovely jean skirt, complete with elegant lace trim(from nana and grandpa), and a peasant shirt from friend of ours that recently bought it in the Ukraine. It is modeled here by the Dutchess of Fish-i-Face.
Tra la la, life is so grand.

Here we are, the three Naus-lings. Mmm, mommy-made pizza. nothing gets better than that! :)

Recently we have discovered that Julia is trying to pray her way into things.....during our nighttime prayers with her just a few nights ago, she anounced, "I wanna watch a movie" to which we declined........her response? "God, i pray Julia watch a movie"

yes. it's true. Dave and I quickly ended prayer time and dashed out of the room so that we could release the laughter welling inside us. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH....she cracks us up.

in other news.....dave has an interview tonight, and tomorrow he has a call from anothe r company to discuss his resume. :) YIPPEE.

I am nearly done J's bday dress.

Julia has decided her rocking horse is a 'wild pony' since we began reading a book on Assateague Island, called 'wild ponies', from the local library.

And...yep. that's all for now. time for me to make some indonesian peanut chicken for supper.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Ooooooooooh a Day Out!

Today was a grand day out.

Oma is on her spring break, so she came to kidnap us from the house.....we went to the animal farm to visit many wonderful creatures, then we met up with AuntKarli for lunch at Timmy's and enjoyed laughter, smiles, and full tummies. What a lovely day we had. Thank you Oma!!

here are the pics. sun, warm-ish air rushing past our cheeks, aaaaaaaah, spring is nearly here!! (three days away!)

oh . happy st. patricks day!!!! hope you wore grreeeeeennnn.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dave And Sue

Here is a hardworking dave and well...a playing-on-the-computer sue. (but i do work too....) haha.

The Man of the House

Here is Julia singing "Oh, Canada"

And holding a sleeping dress that i made yesterday for a sweet little girl that was just born on monday.

Tributes: since the last few posts have had a similar theme, i thought i'd continue it a bit longer.

There is a certain man that i love, his name is DAVE NAUS. He is an outstanding worker, always ready for the next project, and somehow....this always baffles me, he KNOWS HOW TO DO ALL THE PROJECTS HE STARTS... it is crazy. i don't know half of the things he does....his knowledge never ceases to amaze me. LIke, who just KNOWS how to re-wire a house? or fix the plumbing? or install windows? or bring a computer back to life? the list goes on......

Another thing that i love to brag about him is his spoiling of ME. :) haha. THose days when my back aches, he massages it. The days when i'm sick, he gets me noodle soup and pampers me. The moments that i need to escape the house and breath fresh air, he encourages me to go go go. He plays with Julia, and makes her giggle uncontrolably. AND he can cook.....

But, i'm sorry ladies, he's taken. :) here is a pic of him today, painting our dining room.....sigh, what a man. Another one of our 5-15$ paints. (He is a bargain hunter too.) :) haha.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Look mummy, i'm a jillerooo!

So Julia is now a cowgirl (jilleroo) , just like her cous-anti* Jamie. *Definition: mommy's cousin that is refered to as an Aunt because of her dearness.
Jamie is roaming the wild Australian hills as a cattle-herding-creek-drinking-no-showering-purple-spider-fearing cowgirl. (jilleroo) . Ah, what a great life it is, that we can experience so many fabulous things! Julia loves her pony. She is a very responsible pet owner, feeding her pony only the very best apples and grapes that she gets for snack. :)

Well, here is a selfportrait. me at the computer desk. with our lovely orange walls...they are sooooooo bright and cheery, i love this room for working in!
speaking of work, i'd better do some.

love from sue

Musical Madness

So....we have been catching up on some old friends that are now you noticed in the last post.

well, dave's friend dave (there are soooooo many dave's to keep track of in our's crazy) now has an awesome group together. (you can check them out , i have the link on my page) 'nova scotia' is lovely tune to stamp your feet to, and it is a good foot stampin' day! :)

GO listen to them. And then let us know what you think. :)

They do really great stuff. A couple years ago they put out an album, and used the proceeds towards a water system for a community in Africa somewhere....a "unit of hope".

so, that is just a weee bit of background on this very talented group.

enjoy the music!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I dedicate this post to Laura Anne Gibson

some of you reading this know her.

go listen to her music, i put her link on my website. She has three songs on her 'myspace' that you can listen to, they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo velvety, smooth and a delight to listen to.

Laura, out there somewhere, way to follow your dreams darlin'. I have only one request of you, in your fame don't forget the coffee song! :) haha.

Monday, March 13, 2006

puddlicious day!

Polly Wolly doodle, what a lovely day!

it rained and poured all night, with green lightening flashing through our curtainless windows in the early morning...and then it broke. the storm ended for a gorgeous day of HUGE puddles. (as we discovered that there are NO DRAINS on our stretch of road...strange. so there are massive puddles. soooooo fun! Julia and i made a wee boat this morning and then sailed in through the puddles....aaaaaaaaah, soooooo great. i didn't get pictures , but our neighbor did, and she is sending them to me , so i'll post them once they arrive. :)
Oh yes, i've been playing my guitar occassionally, now that it is tuned. hmmmmmm. nice strings. once i can remember my chords, and fit my fingers on it correctly, i think i'll be sailing! or strumming.... i suppose.
Oh yes, with Julia full swing into creative play, i have been making costumes. The pic of her by the sewing machine is a little dancing dress i made her...i'm thinking of adding a tutu.
ahahaha, that last pic is Julia enjoying her potty time. what a goose. i love her so. Horray for potties, we've had three successful deposits. :) "I'm a big kid now!"

love from sue.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

braids heehee braids!!!

Hi there folkies, i did it, i finally did it! For the wee girl that HATES having her hair touched...i BRAIDED her hair! :) and she didn't mind (otherwise i wouldn't have done it...that would just be silly). Here is the proof.....

oh and here is a pic of julia looking alllllll grown up and threading her own beads....

she loves this 'game'. :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


My daughter likes a new cartoon.
She asks for it at times...
although it's hard to understand
there's joy in it , she finds.


heehee. she really asks for it. "Strawbad?"

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ahhh, the things that come UP with a new home...

Dear darling readers,

if you have a weak stomach - stop reading.

Today has marked the initiation of our new home......yes that 's right, Dave and I awoke to very sick stomachs and were puking most of the day....and then really tired the rest of much so that we could BARELY get up to make Julia snacks and dinner. Thankfully we have family nearby that rescued us, and Julia was able to spend most of the day with Opa, Oma and Uncle Adam. She is still there, and will be all night....just to keep her healthy. :) she kinda had this, but THANK THE LORD, it was only throwing up three times (and not really being bothered by it....curious, and a wee bit scared at one point, but very straightforward with an "i want mommy" and some cuddles and she was fine) man, if she had this....whewwwwwwwww........i just wouldn't want it at the same time. (dave and i didn't have good timing with this one....both sick at the same time....ick.)

Well, it seems we have made it through the day, and dave is much much better. I have had a few more boughts, but i'm on the mend too. Just a word of caution to anyone out there that is receiving this 'olympian flu' (i titled it that in honor of our curling team in Turin that all thought they had food poisoning, until their symptoms were spread to everyone else....oops)....chew your noodles before you swallow...they hurt on the way up!

Sorry , i had to.
To all the was the March Epidemic alllllllllllllllllllllll over again!!!!

love from the sicklysue