Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yet another....yes i'm trying to break a record...

Unexpected visitors! :)

Julia was SO EXCITED to have Taylor to play with! Man, it was a nice glimpse into the future, when Julia is five and has a wee sibling to follow her and mimik her every move! haha. How delightful!

Here they are having snack...mmm apple rings!

Here is a fabulous creation -- the All famous TRAIN ! haha. a must for every age! :)

And last of all, Taylor 'filling' up the 'passenger train'. haha. Julia had many strange train-mates.




She got me again!

Brush brush brush!!

growing like a banana tree

Hi there folkies,

today began with sleeping in, mmmm how delicious to savor sweet sleep until 8:30....well, Julia did at least! haha. Dave and I awoke in a confused state, as we heard our music playing but could not find it's origin for a few moments as our heads cleared from drowsiness. (heehee funny story, not related to the above: yesterday we visited our neighbors, George and Sushma, who enlightened us with this tale -- Julia had been fingering their cd player upon the last visit there and that night at exactly midnight it turned on and woke them! hahaha, they figured that she set the alarm by accident! haha)
Here is a photo from a day or two ago, miss julia sipping her soup! No, we didn't teach her this, and i don't think she has seen us do it yet. hahaha. But she found that it worked very well!

Walking in the cold. Strolling along the road. Looking for the snow....wherever did it go???

We saw a flake or two falling, perhaps it will return soon.

So today julia was counting again: one, two, eight. hahaha. it is awesome. you ask her to count whatever is in her hands (ie/ pens, blocks, etc) and she says, "one" "two" and now she occassionally adds, "eight" hahaha. what a goose.

I always forget the new words and phrases that Julia has, but some of the latest ones are: " Iee Wuv Boo" (I love you) "no tank boo" (no thank you) "see ewe later" (you can figure that one out yourself...) "my turn" (yep) "mine" (uhuh-this one is always accompanied with a dramatic embrace of whatever she is declaring hers.) "mittens peese" (mommy i would like my mittens on, please--heehee)
much love to all.
we will probably post more later, it is a good picture-taking-blog-making day.

from sue.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Let it Snow !!

Hi again!!

Snow Bunny!

First time sitting on the 'co-wd' (COLD) potty seat!! (usually she sits with her clothes on, then it isn't cold...) She sat for a while 'reading' her photo album of friends.

Walkin' in da snow...

Riding her new horsey (thx to Janet and Peter)

Enjoy the pictures....

White fluffy cold soft -- SNOW

It happened.

Snow has fallen for the past two days now, and we had a good half a foot last night when i ventured out to take these unsuccessful pictures....haha i took a couple and thought,'s snowing, they are ALL going to look like white dot photos. Anyway, it is lovely. The downside, i HATE driving in the snow, especially in the city. There are just tooooooooo many cars around. Julia loves it, and we walk all about when the wind takes a lunch break. (otherwise we look like two sunburned creatures from the wind whipping our faces) When it proves to be too cold for a long walk, we shuffle across the snowladden road to George's house where he serves delicious green tea and baby cookies.

Lately Julia has had an explosion of words. Since approximately the beggining of November she has been repeating all that she hears and feels the need to say. (very cute) Verb usage has begun, and sentences are forming. "I want a balloon" "i want a cookie" "i want ______" you get the idea. haha. She likes to figure things out -- otherwise known as revealing the obvious...haha, "Mommy's banana", "daddy's hat", "Julia's shoes". Very fun. I love that we can understand sooooooo much now, and that she knows a lot of what we say as well.

well, i should go. a new day to play............ love to all

Monday, November 21, 2005

A memory...

Here is darling little Lesina, when she was a wee babe. I was looking through our pictures and thought i'd share a memory of two years ago, when we visited BC for Christmas. Can't wait to see all of you this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the new addition, Baby ______ to be born in..... just a couple weeks, or right now, who knows! Sarah, are you in labor yet??? :)

Yippppeeeeee for games nights, apple cider, mittens, and snow!

love from me.

A moment please...

my girlie just sat down to read a bunch of stories on the floor, so i supposed she wanted a story time . Sitting beside her i asked, "Do you want mommy to read you that story?" and instinctively i picked her up to sit on my lap. To my surprize - SURPRIZE!- She said to me, as she got up and moved back to her own spot on the floor, "You read this" - hands me a different book -" i read this one".

HAHAHA. moment of hilarity for me this morning!!!
independent girl...haha

Thursday, November 17, 2005

UPDATE, downdate, sidedate, rounddate.

Exciting events have kept us from posting for a while now. So here is a wee update for all you fans out there. :)

Packing our house into boxes has proved to be a delightful job, especially in the pre-packed stage, when Julia can play in all the empty boxes! haha. Here is a fab fort that dave created for Jules, and boy did she love it! :)

I know what some of you are thinking, ahem*aunt carla*, haha. "oh no! they are teaching her already!!" but have no fear! haha. She is BOUND to have some of the fort-ing genes , and we are prepared for that. (in fact, i have them still, so i think it may be more prominent in julia since i want to build forts for myself on occassion.....)

Here is a train that we created out of a moving box and some crafty items around the house. I have yet to put the CN on the side, but the flag is there. :)

Tea party tea party. Julia loves to serve us coffee, and tea to the dollies. (they are too young for the caffine.) Unfortunately, the carpet gets a bit of a soaking with teapartyplaytime. Occassionally i am fast enough to grab the mats that absorb up to a litre of liquid for her to sit upon, but that doesn't always happen.....oops.

Washing dishes with mommy. "Hey mom, is this one clean yet??"

Julia likes to help out.And i am quite proud of my 'makeshift' apron that i created just today. it is a tea towel that began to tear, so i ripped the hole into a head sized opening for Miss Julia to wear it as an apron. Voila!

And here is the Birthday party of a miss Emily Hills. she turned TWO!! Julia had fun playing the party game, and exploring the new toys at the Hills' home. Thank you to AMy and Paul for the wonderful evening!! Amy is the queen of the party scene, there is always some fun idea up her sleeve!

I think that is about it for now.

love to all. good'ay!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Some doctors know what they are talking about, and others just don't . Thankfully, these afore mentioned Dr.'s DO KNOW what they are talking about and WOW is it ever great. I love reading books so full of common sense that you just can't get enough. As you scan each page you think, "yes, yes, that is right. i am so glad a professional is affirming my thoughts." or "hmm. that is something i could never have come up with, yet it is sooooo seemingly".

anyhow. i love reading. and today's book is "Boundaries with kids" . Phenominal. Perfect timing too. julia needs boundaries, and JUST this weekend we have clearly seen her "tell" us of this need! haha. Now for the FUN. ;) And it is. We are now learning the mind stretching experience of parenting with purpose (okay, that's been going on for a while now....) but now the purpose has a whole new dimension. Now we are shaping her character, teaching her consequences, and how to be self-controlled etc. Godly character is Taught. This is where it starts.

yep. talk again soon i'm sure. man, Julia is so cute! :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Cutest Bunny and Cook....

The only bunny and cook combination that doesn't result in conny stew....

yes, we dressed up for a party on halloween. It was wonderfully fun to get dressed up as something other than ourselves for a should happen more often! Due to all three of us oversleeping in the afternoon, we only had 30 minutes to eat supper and make costumes...oops, so Julia was a bunny, and boy was she ever CUTE!!! Dave was a swedish cook, the hat making up the 'cook' part of him, and some sing-song jiberish making up the 'swedish' part. ;) There are no pictures of me, but i was an army girl. I wore dave's pants and jacket, accompanied by a dark toque. My first impulse was to dress up in a fancy dress and be an elfin princess, but the army attire was much more practical for playing with kids. :)

Love to all.