Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Visitors from Afar came to our humble home, came with gifts and spoiled us for a lovely week.  Nana and Grandpa brought birthday gifts for Sammy and Julia - and even gifts for Mercy, wow! We were blessed with many fun science and art activities to enjoy.  Thank you Nana and Grandpa for your thoughtfulness! You always give so generously from your heart.

 looking at his new stash. :)
 Many spring walks did our feet tread.  Plodding on the brown earth which turned to green in the short week that N and G visited us. Fascinating to watch the seasons change before our very eyes!

 Brave N and G took off their shoes to walk across cold lake water just to continue our Naus-Adventure!  The lake was overflowing it's banks and cascading over the path and down a rocky ledge.

 God blessed us with summer like weather. I can hardly believe the change from one week to another!

 N and G always work hard when they visit us, finding projects to keep them busy.  Washing the van, seeding our lawn, pressure washing the porch, cleaning my kitchen cupboards, you name it, they do it! :) Thank you thank you!! This is my 'shout out' to Mom and Dad for helping out so much around the house!
 For Sammy's Birthday Julia and I made a Lego cake, mmm. Tasty Lego.  It was very special to have N and G join us for the party this year!

 Many, Many stories. Nana is a wonderful story teller. :)
 Smiles!! :)
 Fishing has quickly become our family hobby. Just yesterday Julia caught a two pound Pike, it was HUGE. And Sammy caught a perch! :) Very thrilling! Especially when the fishermen up and down the river come to see what the commotion is about.
Just before departure, on the warm spring day, here we all are!