Friday, July 30, 2010

The Best Horse Riding Lessons: thanks to my Cousin!!

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but my kids had the opportunity to visit "The Farm" twice on our trip out west this year. "The Farm"; as i have always called the residence of my Cousins, Aunt, Uncle, and previously, my Oma and Opa as well, is a place of peace, quiet and... well, extremely fun chaos. (how is that for a paradox?)

one of my cousins offered her time and love for beautiful beasts, resulting in riding lessons for Julia!!! JOY!! :) It was a wonderful thing to watch... i lived vicariously through Julia, i KNOW as a girl i would have LOVED to experience what she was able to!! Her confidence amazed me, if you know Julia you know she is timid about anything physically challenging...she had no reservations about approaching a horse, leading it to the barn, brushing it, helping saddle it up,and getting on and riding!!! wow!!

Now we are looking for horse riding lessons nearby, and waiting for the appropriate time to sign her up... you know.. when there is money for that!! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

a little more of our trip....

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We have returned from our cross-country vacation ( in which we crossed the country, but in the air not on the ground ). Our trip was beyond amazing. Everything we did and saw was "better than usual" or "the best we've ever seen". At least, whenever we did anything those are the words we would hear... for example: our weather was perfect every day (that is amazing in itself for a west coast climate). When at the zoo, all the animals came out to see us, instead of hiding in their dens. Stanley park was full of fun, adventure, fellowship and water balloon craziness. Whistler was lovely, peaceful, and inspiring. Family times were heartwarming. I was able to go jogging with my dad, which i always wish i could but can only take advantage of the opportunity once a year or so. The cousins all played together marvelously! the list goes on and on. here are some of our 300 photos for you to enjoy!!!! More stories to come:

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day: to be followed by: Canada Night.

I made this dress for Julia at this age. :) i am so glad to use it again. I love the bright red patterned maple leaves i cut and sewed onto the back and the bottom of the crisp white material. the hat was made to match. I may have no festive clothing for such a day as this, but my kids do. :) i live vicariously through them on Canada's bday.

These riders were from the Trick Riding and Trick Roping "club". Julia is determined to be a trick rider and roper now. :)

The "bumble bee" (as sam says), our mascot for the local hockey team.

Meeting up with good friends. :)

Mercy almost fell asleep on me as we reclined on the grass, watching all the parade pass by.

Ontario's "oldest" ambulance. :) haha. You know, the parade was better this year. Last year i really thought it was dying, but this year felt better. why... hmm.. 1) more candy 2) more interactive community people 3) less of a "car parade" advertising to us.

Ummm... two on my lap. i'm in the picture, you just can't see me past all those curly-haired kids. :) haha.

This was the "annual kid shot" but of course, i didn't fight to make it look perfect. not on a day of parenting alone. i know my limited strength better than to do that. over time i've learned to pick my battles when i have to run the show alone from 7am-7 pm!! :)

Dave surprised us, and came to visit us at the parade for a short little lunch break from work. :) yippee!! we love daddy time!!

My boys fell asleep on our lovely porch swing a couple of days ago. :) don't they look peaceful?