Monday, April 23, 2007

art fair and la la la

so proud of my hubby

party party party

the beautiful dress from Nana!! THANK YOU!!

THE CRAZY LADY BUG CAKE! thank you Karli and Oma!

it tasted REALLY GOOD.

oh the fun we have

Gone to fetch a pail of water....yes that is IS what she was chanting as she wandered to and from the waters edge.
yep, that's me. the shadow of a mama with her snuggled baby....ah, i am but a shadow...but that is okay...the life of a mother isn't (always) glamorous. hahahhaa.
I LOVE NANA!! :) hahaha. yes. they had fabulous times!!
I LOVE MY BABY!!! the jule's is sucha great big sis. today she sacrificed drawing on her magnidoodle board as we drove home in order to keep sammy happy. she did her BIG sister duty and HELD in his suther the whole way home from dave's art fair. what a great girl...and all the while asking nicely if she could "please draw now?" but she kept her dear brother happy all the way home by holding in his suther. what a girl. i am so proud.
aaaaaaawwwww. lots of cuddles.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

more fun and ice cream

i appologize for the disorganization to follow...........this is our last 12 photos. it covers breakfast on j's bday, gifts open and played with, kite flying, and eating of things....enjoy!!
below: julia found many ways to fly her NEW kite!!

special breakfast

pure child's play!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


she can't wait to share a room!! :) ......been waiting ALLLLL winter to break out the bubbles and sit on a (warmer) porch and enjoy the (springy) sunshine!!
(IN THE PICTURE BELOW) haha. i love this sweater, thanks mom!! (you gave it to us when julia was born, in case you are wondering where it suddenly came from!! haha)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

other sorts of happenings in nausland

ah, like father like son...i set Samuel down to play with daddy (before daddy was completely awake apparently) and when i returned.....well...not a lot of playing was going on!! ZZZZzzzzzfamily cuddles
family snuggles
WE WENT ON A REAL DATE!!!!!! thanks to our fearless oma and opa!! haha. we did supper, and then attended dave frasers' gig at a local Irish pub. Cavan is the name of his band (his grandparents' last name--i thought that was lovely and honorable! ), and they ROCK!!(excuse the bad pun) needless to say, i took one for the team, i am TIRED today!!
this pic is for my dear sis---THANK YOU FOR THIS ADORABLE SWEATER!!!!!!!!! (and in case anyone is wondering....that IS a pink suther. yup. pink. midwives think it is great (and funny) that he often comes wrapped in a pink striped receiving blanket--that is just what happens when your older sibling is a girl!! (because a lot of what you receive is pink then!! haha)Sam's okay with it, he tells me pink is the new black, who knew??

Saturday, April 14, 2007

outings and workings and such

it 's not everyday that julia has the opportunity to go to work with daddy--but when he is working at his own home...she is great at helping him!!!

then.............daddy decided to take us to a friend's farm, where they board and race horses. (cart racing) can you say EXCITING??? um...yeah.she was very excited!

this beauty of a retired racer was named 'tim' at the farm, his racing name was really long, i dont remember it. he was oh sooooo friendly and social and was playing games with julia...nodding his head into julia's toque, and stomping his feet around to get her attention...when she wasnt paying him any!!
we walked through their big barn, lots of people were there taking care of their horses.


a nice Gent' asked to take Miss J on a cart ride. the horse is 'Braveheart', he is only 2 years old and just learning the ropes.
here are some cart racers going out to jog their horses.

and here is 'tim' again--man this horse has personality! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

work day!

some dirty well used glovesjulia helping move the trees.....
.....using her trusty skipping rope
ah! a fresh start....empty space, with a bunch of trash waiting to be tossed. soooooo many things we could do to freshen this place up....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

family tradition

the hunt
the bassinet that oma travelled to canada in....back in the day. :) all the kids and now grandkids , get a picture in the dutch outfit and the dutch bed.
three generations
family. love. cuddles. and fun.