Friday, June 21, 2013

A Day (or a month or two) in the Life....

 Building animal shelters...
 Eating meals on the porch in the sunshine.
 hammer, wood, nails: many creations made!
 "Okay, and take a picture like this mommy"
 the Treehouse, which they have named "Fort Storm" although, perhaps I am not supposed to know that.  There hangs a flag made by Julia, a door nailed on by Sammy... yep. Fun times.
 we had a bit of rain.
 And more rain.
 And more rain. So we floated boats down the road.
 "Mommy, take a picture of my fashion."
 They girls and their dolls... although, I cut Mercy's doll out of the photo by accident.
 Family Work-bee at the Lake-House.
 Cousin time.
 "Mommy, this is my excited face" - yikes.
 Like mother/father, like daughter? :)
Cute cousins. Good food. :)