Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nursery School Graduation!

Here she is folks!! The Kings Kids Nursery School Graduate! :) Showing off her room to Aunti Ann. :)
Sam looks on.... enjoying the floor of the class room.
Aunti Ann!! :)
Here are most of the kids from Julia's school. My pics all turned out fuzzy and dark, so this is the best i can do. :( i guess i was too far back! The program was mostly singing, a couple bible verses, and then they did a remarkable thing. Mrs. Betty told us that our kids are so smart that they learned to sing the alphabet backwards. The children proceeded to turn their backs to us, and sing the ABC's. :) haha.
The reception afterwards!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

spring garden

cala lily from my dear sis. all leaf for now, no flower. :)
two cheesy smiles, from two cheesy kids.
planting the flower she got from a class field trip.
a gift from the last owners. sort of... i mean, i didn't plant it, so it feels like a gift from the previous home owners. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Funny stories from this weekend:

i don't have time to do a 6 day journal entry, so i'll try to recreate some 'moments' for y'all.

1) The woodpecker.

this is my favorite story. I wasn't present for this one, but man, if you call Rico (Tim) he tells it the best. Julia, Dave, and Tim-Rico were building our fire for the evening when Julia let out the BIGGEST fart (i can't vouch for that part, since i wasn't there, and have more experience in Julia-gas-passing).
She glances up from her place in the sand, and with a half-smile says, "I think that was a woodpecker".
Dave replies (with great difficulty, while trying to not laugh during the 'lesson'), "Now Julia, don't lie, you know that was not a woodpecker". (Tim-Rico and Dave attempting to not laugh) Julia says, "okay. but can we PRETEND it was a woodpecker??"

Really, i need Rico to tell this story. we were all laughing so hard we were crying. I just can't convey the story as well.....

2) Sand - les. (there is a picture of this story in the beach shots.)

Julia wore her brand new sandles for the wedding. This was a moment long awaited. She has been asking to wear them ever since we purchased them. During the photo's the girls waited in the sand and Julia plopped down and began to play. Thankfully i was watching, because soon the game was "bury the sandles" and mommy had to rescue them from disappearing. ha. i can see it now - the wedding begins and Julia frantically searches for her shoes.... where could they be??? perhaps somewhere along the beach....buried beneath the sands.... anyway. it was a moment.

3) Community.

I love that we could reserve a cabin, plan a menu and get a crowd to come for a weekend of fellowship. The blessing of being together, finding out what has changed, what we are learning about God and His great plan for us, and seeing the great connection we have because God has purposefully put us in each others' lives - amazing. I was so blessed by how my kids found special places in different people's hearts. Rico (Tim) was special buddies with Sam, and it was precious to watch how he would come and scoop him up whenever he saw Sam scooting around. Julia attached herself to everyone (my goodness this one is a people person), but i found she really felt a strong love for Amy and Rachel in particular. Mostly because during prayer, she was run and hold amy's hand, or randomly come and cuddle with Rachel, or ask her to read or play Trouble. She also connected with Robyn, Mere, and pretty much everyone who gave her some of their time and energy. her love language isn't too hard to figure out. :) ha. i found it hilarious that when we arrived for the wedding rehearsal, Julia ran off into the park-beach area and started introducing herself to people and talking to them. People i didn't know, people we had never seen before ever, yet they were 'at the wedding' so we must know them! :) hahaha. at least, she was thinking that.

4) sunday morning.

i don't know about the rest of the gang. but sunday morning we did our own 'church' and it was refreshing to my heart. We watched a sermon on Faith and Works, by mark driscoll, and just learning together again was awesome. Then as each person left for their journey home, we prayed together for them, circling them in prayer and fellowship. it was AWESOME! :)

that's all for now folks. time to go play.

wedding wedding!! :)

even MORE fabulous times (words to follow)

more fabulous times!! (words to follow)

the fabulous time!! (words to follow)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Limp Lettuce

cool tip of the day:
So... i haven't tried this yet, but i read it today on a new website i like to explore. (

If your lettuce looks too limp to serve, toss it in a bowl of cold water, with a peeled, sliced potatoe and apparently it will be revived! but serve it the same day. :)

cool eh??


June came in with a BANG. four days of hot hot humid and stormy weather raged through our land. whew. there were a few trees down. nothing happened at our home though. :)
Corn eaters. first corn of the season for us, of course it isn't local yet. but!! i am hoping to experiment with local produce and try to only buy fruit's and veg that are locally grown... we'll see. it is a good 'idea' right now, but we'll see if it works. I just figure that soon we will probably HAVE to live off of local produce only, that or pay through the nose for transportation fees to get imported produce - so might as well attempt eating only local now.
found the boy wearing daddy's hat. :)
and i don't like this shot, but hey, i have to work with what i got. :) mom Hillson, this is for you. 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant. yep. there she is! i finally got a picture up, like you have been asking me to for days and days. :)

have a beautiful June day!

Friday, June 06, 2008

random things for a HOT DAY

twice in the pool and once in the tub-- you know it is a hot day when most of it is spent in WATER!!! :)
our budding musician!
Another sign of it being a good day (or at least better than yesterday!) the second load of laundry drying on the line.

Time to sit and sweat. and maybe do dishes now that my drain is fixed!! what a great night! haha. oh but it really is, because dave is home and the kids are in bed and now we can rest in the heat of our 40 degree day.