Wednesday, June 27, 2007

what to do in a tornado

i actually put that phrase into my google search window. why?? because we had "a severe weather warning" issued to us today, the wind was CRAZY the rain WAS WILD and i have never been in a tornado i have NO clue what procedure is. apparently the tornado warning isn't yet official, although a funnel did touch down north of sarnia in lake huron....and people saw the startings of funnels as they drove through town.

anyway. this is the view from my windows when the rain-wind-craziness stopped. actually it was lying across our driveway, superwoman dragged it away from the road and drive though. (heehee)the book that got dropped so i could find the flashlight (just in case) and listen to the local station for updates and directions. (on the radio that just happened to be set up for Julia to listen to story tapes....otherwise it is never set up...thank you thank you thank you to God for organizing the storms on a day when i could easily tune in!)
the food that was cooking...and finished cooking during the crazy storm.....summer borscht (spell???) and taco salad meat!!
well, my baby is sleeping now...and i am no longer going to pee my pants. teehee. i was a bit shaken at the thought of enduring my first tornado!! perhaps not today however...things seem to be calm....for now.

Monday, June 25, 2007

and more

Sooooo after our adventures at the waterpark, we came home for super. As Daddy bbq-ed and mommy was swinging on the porch swing....Julia was being very productive...making Ant Jam. yes. there was a HUGE pile up of ants busy scurrying about at the end of our walkway...and this is Julia with all the materials necessary to mash the ants. First she used the hoe...then she rode over them with her bike. She isn't cruel...just working in selfdefence...hahahaha. Although she was brave enough to stick her finger into the pile of wriggling ants before massively destroying them!! the evening Daddy was quite tired out from sun and water and fun. Julia requested his help making a tent in the living room, but daddy declined, saying he needed to lay down for a while. AND THIS IS WHAT SHE CHOSE TO DO: not grump or whine because he wouldn't play, but instead....sit down and give her daddy a foot massage!!!!!!!!!!!! wow. i LOVE moments like these as a mother, to see the soft gentle sweet and caring spirit of my three year old. (because there are times when it disappears and i am downhearted) aaaaaw, well. time to go make breaky and get samuel to the doctor for his shots today. ik. uk. bla. haha. i am glad that we live in a country with a health system that allows us to see so many sick-free days....but it still isn't always fun to get the shots that make it that way. :)

sunny sunday

we walked to the park, to have a snack and play with our kite until the waterpark opened! :) i love the water!!

I love my family. they are so sweet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

yesterday and today

Hey there, here is a picture from our outing to the splash pad yesterday. the guys all hanging out together....while the girls play in the water! :)here is miss j helping me mop her floor.....if you are wondering HOW she was helping....well, she was staying off the wet floors...this was about the only spot in the house that wasn't wet. :)
Today at the farmer's market i bought some foxglove plants to fill the empty spaces in my newly shaped garden....the lady kindly gave julia a present .... these beautiful sweet williams. So julia was informing our neighbors of what type of flower they were on our walk home.
Seriously, she is the funniest and the most fun. :) i love her little quirks. LIke when she sits next to Oma and asks so very seriously, "How is your basil growing?" or how she discusses gravity, plant growth, or the process of food turning to energy in our bodies. haha. but i just can't get over how fun she is. and how funny her words are. she says the silliest things (as all kids do) and she keeps us laughing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

too funny


Samuel was whining...and sounding as though perhaps he would not settle as nicely as usual this evening.....i went in to reswaddle him...however he was not out of his swaddle (surprizingly) and so i just talked in his ear and kissed his cheek until he stopped fussing.....then he smiled...flirted a bit and i said my goodnights' again....

now he is much more settled....

i laughed. and, is that all he wanted?? dude. i can do that! haha.

as i write this, he is fussing again, but it is more like his usual talking-protest before falling asleep....much better.

who knew?


to the beach....
The little one slept

the guests left their bags. and ran to the water.......
.......and snuggled once the water cooled them off.
and oooooooooooh the water was sooooo nice on such a warm muggy day!
THEN THE NEXT DAY...........
it was off to more water. with brightly colored toys and sprayers and bathing suits galore.
and dear sweet friends that love to have fun!

what a busy busy week we have had! yikes. my house needs to be cleaned (a real deep serious clean) and my note book updated...and my checklist accomplished...and finally..tomorrow, my jobs will resume and i will have to work work work again. :) it has been a lovely week of play!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

another trip to the games

i took the kids back to the games today, and took my friend Val and her wee little darlin' with us.

it was hot. but the bands were piping allllllllllllllll over the place, and the sound was wonderful!!
I had to throw this picture in here, because i love it. my dear darling hubby riding a turtle with his kids. aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love you dave!!!!!!!!!

Dave is really the best daddy and husband in the world, i know some of you will disagree and say i am biased, but it is TRUE , he is the best in the world! :)

Besides being very busy with his new little hobby he is very busy playing with julia and cuddling with samuel and folding laundry to surprize me and fixing up our garden and figuring out real estate ventures to set up a steady flow of money for retirement and being silly and enjoying his job and hanging out with me and looking for a 2nd hand wii to buy for our anniversary and trying to do what God wants him to and such.......and he still has time for this........riding a turtle with his kids. what a man.

Highland Games

We all got our dancing shoes on (figuritively) and jigged over to the highland games friday evening. We were entertained by silly people trying to toss hagus, 30 lb kegs, and other things as far as their strength would allow...we saw men pulling a HUGE ford truck (julia thought they looked like horses because to try, they had to put on a safety harness) apparently, if you were strong enough to pull it home ( ha) you could keep it. (right)

THE BEST PART was the dancing!!!!! i love the highland dancers!!! it was thrilling. i was reminded of Sonya and her fabulous dancing skills as we watched troop after troop come on stage and do their very own little show. excellent. some were so small and cute...a lot were done with broad swords, very cool. i loved it. Julia loved it. dave enjoyed it. samuel slept...and twitched every tim ethe drums got really loud. (dude. the pipes were loud in the dancing room. ) oh yeah. julia would probably say the ice cream came as a close second for the "best parts" of the night.
NExt day: here is my highland dancer.

haha. i love her.

Friday, June 15, 2007

pie day

The ugly part of baking.......The beautiful part of baking.....
The strawberries picked by Julia and Dave. (Julia picked three quarts all by herself...and very quickly too...and then proceeded to sit and eat the rest of the visit to the patch. haha)
The pie helper? no julia was my helper, she lined the berries up in perfect straight lines inside the pie But this guy is cute. and he helped by sleeping so we could bake! :) haha
This is a dark picture of Julia in her bed at nap time...i had to take it though...because she is sleeping with her horse next to the bed....and her sheet is drapped over it! haha
Tooth update: i am off pain killers.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

quick update on tooth

yes yes, i know, VERY exciting. but really, it is more of a report on my delightful lovely special dear sweet family.

i've got a great one. family that is.

Dave and Julia took over the household duties and the care of Samuel so that i could from my tramatic experience called THE DENTIST. haha. yep, i may do the natural birth thing, but DON'T ever try to get me to do dental work Sans painkillers and general anastetic. NEVER.

i can barely handle it WITH all the aids. ik.

anyway. Julia was super cute...constantly coming to the bedside asking ifi needed anything, bringing my my glass of water, her horse to cuddle with, the toy groceries...not sure why but i was comforted anyway...haha, a clover flower, a walnut shell (no nut...just shell), and a beautiful picture that she drew and wrote on: I love Mom. (and it was her BEST letters yet, very cool)

Dave Took over and didn't let me work. what a man. :) he made dinner for everyone but me. boohoo. i had yogurt. :) but he brought it to me, delivered my pain meds ("my friends"haha) and kept Julia busy so i could sleep. (sometimes she is TOO helpful and cute and conserned and mommy doens' tget rest. hahaha)

THEN to top it off. Dave took Julia strawberry picking tonight to fill up our fridge and freezer with delectable goodness. and give me a quiet evening with Sam. :)


-tooth is getting better. i ate something more solid than yogurt just now.

reunion day!!

we had a blast today!! Bonita and Karli came over for brunch....there were supposed to be quite a few people, but due to poor planning and short notice...umm..and some borders that could not be crossed (literally) there were only a couple!! WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!!can YOU guess who picked the color for our cinnamon bun icing?????
due to paperwork, border crossing rules etc....we didn't get to see two of our guests until late in th eafternoon when we all piled into Bonita's van and drove over the bridge to see them! :) then some more adventuring began. We (on the reguest of miss julia) rode the carousel together!! very fun. Bonita's first time! :) haha.i love riding horses, even if they are just...plaster...and paint...

THe gang, minus mr. Samwise, because he was in his seat off to the side.....sorry sammy.

THese are some very special people.

very special

they all have a special place in my heart.

i'd write more, but i just had a root canal and i feel aweful.
that's all i have to say.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

family walk

this one.........

this one.........
rattles along
(in words and wheels)
panics at the sight of a car
(some fears are healthy to some extent!!ha)
smiles at her success of hill climbing and descending
(ontario hills...otherwise known as ....BUMPS) teehee

these ones................
are trouble!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

singing daddy

aren't they sweet?
a happy little boy listening intently to his daddy singing.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Need i say more?

Monday, June 04, 2007

date under the bridges

on sunday night the kids and i met opa, oma and great opa under the bridge for fries........

it was delightful!

bridge fries supper date