Thursday, August 30, 2007

DO you have room for four friendly canadians?

we need a new house to live in.

any suggestions?

as of 8:30 pm this night our house is mostly sold.


we don't have anywhere to move.and we need to be out in 2.5 months.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

camping two

this was our beach scene. the men built us a shelter for shade, whew. it was hot in the sun. then, Paul and the kids...okay, only Paul, dug out a huge pit and the children played in it. we did a lot of swimming, which was awesome because the sand was soooooooooo soft and clean, and the depth remained super shallow so the kids could go out farther and farther and it was manageable for them. Julia was confident, after two weeks of lessons, and flopped around with and WITHOUT floatation devices! wow. haha. she was a trooper, the waves would splash in her face and she didn't even care! withthe new goggles that daddy bought her, she wooshed and splooshed with delight....although, i think she may still close her eyes when she goes under in them..haha.

Amy and I saw a trail.

need i say more?

okay, we took some kids and ventured off into the wilderness. it was lovely!

......on that trail we found the prettiest fungi! it was peach and orange, lovely!

The trip was great fun. Sam LOVED it and slept better than i imagined! (just as good as at home! yippee) Julia LOVED having friends to run around with all day. We LOVED sharing the cooking with good friends. (THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME SALMON!!!) and i think we'll do it again next year for a longer period of time...

well...there is much to tell, but i think the Two Towers and a massage are awaiting off i go!

good night!


(this was before our trip....but they are here goes)

Julia with her pet snail. isn't it cute?? hahaha

here is our happy boy in his lovely overalls and green-blue-stylish outfit!
Now to the trip....we met our friends Paul and Amy and Nathan and Emily at a beautiful park called the Pinery.....and there, we were greeted by the welcoming committee. (a real live STICK bug!!) Paul was brave and let it run all over him. yes, it DID run. very fast!!
The munchkins being creative....the pulley system.
AND THE AWESOMELY GORGEOUS BEACH NUMBER 3!!!! wow. wow wow. we swam, we lay in the sun...we had such a sweet beachin' time!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Family Times

Aunti Ann planned a Girls Day and we all visited the animal farm together, then went for a picnic at the park, it was great fun!! Then...the next day was canning day at Oma's house. We spent ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day there, playing and feeding and canning. Julia had a lot of good Opa time which included ice cream, errands, and a jumping spider (the rubber kind). Sam spent a lot of laying , kicking, sleeping, swinging time. :)
Sarah (works for dad) , Mama naus, and i spent the day doing this: about 60 jars in total!! wow. it was fun. thanks mom!
opa's brilliant idea, processing the cans OUTSIDE as to not steam the whole house. (it gets sooooooo hot inside if the stove is cookings all day, plus it just gets really crowded in the kitchen!)
cute (tired and teething) almost 5 month old!!!
this little kid is so funny, even at his extreme tired stage, he was LAUGHING at me. laughing and crying mixed together. i think he has a lot of joy and a super easy going spirit. i love seeing little personsonalities emerging!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hey! check us out!

hey all
check this out
and find our little home on harkness street! :) it is up and ready for sale, check out the pictures!

Monday, August 13, 2007

they came and confiscated our pet . apparently you aren't allowed to keep wild animals in your home without a permit. who knew???okay, just kidding about the skunk pet. we went to a zoo of ontario animals. it was neat. (THANK YOU OPA) wee saw Moon Face, the owl from Zaboomafoo. cool eh? well, i didn't take many pics but we saw a few different beasts. moose, bear, cougar, beaver, etc etc.
fishin' with daddy. :) she caught a couple of her own sunfish. :) she held them. and tossed them back. :) what fun!

now we are home and she has started swimming lessons. :) i think my fish will learn how to swim without needing me as much!! :)

cottage time

this is it:nice river for swimming in and floating down (for an hour, we did that a couple times). Julia was sure to remind us what the large red signs said, "Danger Open Dam" and "No swimming or boating" . but don't worry. we were not in the area of those signs while swimming and boating. :)
our little fish. man. our kids both LOVE THE WATER!!! she gained a lot of confidence while here, and would show us how she could swim without the "noodle-poodle-doodle" as she lovingly called the pool noodle. hahaha.
ice cream. mmmmmmmm. thanks oma!
i think i want one of these. they are sooooooo fun!!! Opa taking the girlie out for a spin. :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Goodbye Timo!

Goodbye! Farewell! we saw him off at the train station just a little while ago! it was a lovely visit.

now...time to prepare for our next adventure!

home and sleeping sooooo soundly!! after a very thrilling weekend with oma and opa at a family reunion, julia has crashed in bed!! :) she had a great time!!the little man looking hot and sticky on this hot and sticky day
tractors have appeared, thx to a family at church!! :)
fav parts of my house....
oregano drying in my kitchen.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

august is really exciting this year!

THis is a very exciting started out with a hair cut...THEE first hair cut that Julia has received!! :) just a trim to keep things growing out straight and clean and healthy.THEN came Amy Otis and Rodrigo! man, these two are fun!! Rodrigo played with Julia for most of the morning, after Julia jumped on him to wake him up! hahaha. poor guy. They are sweet lovely folk. you really should meet them.
AND THEN....Timo came to visit the very next day. he is with us for the weekend! :) wahoo! yes, this is another friend from our bible school days, Timo worked at Holsbybrunn when we attended there. He is originally from Germany, but lives just a couple hours away from us for a little while. sooooo good to have friends stop in and visit. :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

since i am foggy on this topic....

...i did some research. i found this an interesting quote on the Calvary Chapel website, where there was a lovely and clear article speaking of both calvinism and arminianism .

"As Philip Schaff put it in his History of the Christian Church, "Calvinism emphasizes divine sovereignty and free grace; Arminianism emphasizes human responsibility. The one restricts the saving grace to the elect; the other extends it to all men on the condition of faith. Both are right in what they assert; both are wrong in what they deny. If one important truth is pressed to the exclusion of another truth of equal importance, it becomes an error, and loses its hold upon the conscience. The Bible gives us a theology which is more human than Calvinism and more divine than Arminianism, and more Christian than either of them. " (New York, Charles Scribner's & Son, 1910, VIII 815 f)"