Friday, May 25, 2007


i couldn't resist...the used clothing store i love sells used dance slippers...

She asked if she could wear them for her nap..... :)
She wore them to Oma's house for a sleep over.....
i think she's in love!

This picture is VERY IMPORTANT... (above) Julia told me after i took this shot that "I was making my sad face". Hmmm...she is dramatic in some ways....
we were dancing along with the Jules.

little one

laughing at funny looking mama
hanging out together

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Garden changes

dave brought home two WONDERFUL pieces of drift wood from Quebec lake shores....

in the above can see a string along the bottom of the picture, that is where dave will be putting a walk way across to the driveway.AND THE FABULOUS NEW SHAPE on the left side of the garden....where weeds, maple saplings and more had taken is ready for some designing work. but first i have to wait until it is tilled and i must add new soil...and my fertilizer...and theni can decorate with rocks , wood, and flowers. (and pottery and perhaps teapots and such after a visit to the good will, or value village....)


mmmmmm. dirt in my toes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

highly priced garden renovation = motivation!

the do-it-yourself way.............hmmmm what will we do here???
last years work....gracing us once again!! ah, there anything better than the garden that GROWS itself??
the tidied up herb and veggie garden


after fishing for the long weekend, my hubby is HOME!! :) yippeeeeeee!! and with two wriggly fish. mmm... supper! super supper!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


okay...after his bath tonight...his hair went all crazy when i dried it. hahahaha. it is all standing up and fun...oh a baby with hair...something that is new to me! heehee.

oh and...i think he is just the cutest little person around!! heehee. (well, in his age category...Julia is the cutest in her rightful place. hahaha. i'm biased...i KNOW!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GoOfiNg OfF

Saying g'bye to good friends........................seeeeeee ya!
gaming.laughing. eating.drinking spicyChai. mmmmmmmmmmmm.
silly photos. enjoying parenthood together. silliness to no end. aaaah. this is the life.
AND THIS IS THE LIFE.................sleep sleep sleep....Sam has taken to havin ga 3 hour nap exactly when his sister does. hmmm. how did he know that was nap time???? i just don't know. BUT I LIKE IT!! :) hahaha. he is snoring away beside me in the crib right now. heehee. so sweet. aaawwwww. yep, there he is right the pic below...

Monday, May 14, 2007


and so the evening was complete and lovely and memorableafter the dinner......
yep....a mommy in action......about to tackle a LOT of dishes!!! BUT NOT ALONE!! her 'trusty pardner' came galloping in and took over!! yipppeeeeeeeee yi ay!! (sorry...cowboy lingo is common in this home due to the julia-horse-crazy-girl!!)
tools of the trade
spice of life


i let julia decorate for me....she totally got it too..."yes, you decorated for my birthday, so i will decorate for you!!"our project from yesterday
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dessert by the opa-oma team
the aftermath of good eatin'
MY MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!!!!!!!!!!! a fire place...all my own!!


a horse and his boyWONDERFUL FRIENDS CLEANING MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
janie and i disappeared for tea and art stores.....the boys babysat AND MOPPED AND SWEPT AND DID DISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!
then the lovely janie finished up for them!!!! THANK YOU THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


more words than pics this time.

So...i just thought i'd write about today.

Samuel has been smiley since about week 2 of his life here on planet earth. So, i guess he likes it here. Today he has carried on a lovely conversation with me...complete with lip quibbling (you know...when you kinda blow through your lips and bubbles come out??) and eye brow raising and sighing...i think he was telling me a great epic tale. Anyway. he is cute. AND talkative!! he is going to be a real hit with the ladies. hahah. especially since there have been ... oh...perhaps 5 girls born in the weeks surrounding his our church alone!! YIKES. he is the only boy! is gorgeous here. we spent the morning painting on the front porch (a mother's day banner) and then the next two hours walking through town to mail a letter, go to the park, etc.

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I LOVE SPRING!!

it is nearing naptime for Samwise. i just saw yawn number one....he is slowly sinking into sleepiness, and needs his cuddles before going to bed.

love to all.
take care, from su

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bright Boy.
Juicy Girl
beautiful originals line my walls....The Julia Gallery.

a day at the beach!!!!
a banquet avec mes amies!!
laughing and playing with Corrina!
The above dress was worn by my sister and I when we were little girlies. :) Julia has been begging to put it on ever since nana brought it over! :)

last few days.......

Samuel is sporting a little outfit that was given to his daddy when his daddy was a babe.

beach time!! Julia digging through to find the other side of the world........
practicing her balancing in preparation for dance class!

The Juggling Queen!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


fun and games and climbing barsto and fro.....julia learns that if she wants to push Corrina in the swing...she must move out of the way quickly--because swings SWING back!!
AAAAWWWWW, family swing time!!
our little (big) boy.
at church today he startled a couple folks.... "is that your baby???? when did he grow up??"
he was sooo good for me today, i was alone in the baby nursery and thankfully it was only Sam and a little girl named Ella....heeheee sam and ella....say it fast and out loud...then you will laugh too....but anyway, Ella did not want me to put her down the whole time....thankfully, sam decided to play in the swing and after 30 minutes in there ... fall asleep for me!! this may sound normal , but my babies usually sleep best swaddled and in their cribs, so this was a new experience for me!!