Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sammy was so happy to hold, poke, and watch living/non-living things. It was magnificent to have the children experience wild west coast water-life. :)

Sea Slug & octopus!! :)

Ocean day part three (really interesting titles... i know)

ocean day part two.

ocean day!!

Exploration of tidal pools = 6 hours of awesomeness + 2 Octopi + sea slugs + sea stars + urchins + sea anemones + sea cave + sweet rocks + shells + pelicans + happy muddy children + one dead rattlesnake (yikes).

After The Reunion. Another Reunion.

The Friend Reunion: the Hopsons as well as Janelle and Phillip.
I haven't seen Mark for 8 years, since Dave and I got married to be exact, so this Friend Reunion was pretty cool. We were able to meet Mark's sweet wife and baby girl, and they showed us two awesome places: The Getti Centre and a great Tidal pool beach. :) They also brought us out to their church on Sunday: Grace Ev. free in L.A., it was fantastic!! what a glorious, God-honoring, God-praising place. I LOVED IT.

yeah..still more pictures.. :)

"The Goodbye". See you in 6 months!

I was SO GOOD at sunscreening everyone allllll week, until the last day in is the Sun-drenched family. :)

My family fish. :) the girls LOVE the water. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


A Spring Birthday Celebration!
My mom made an awesome ice cream cake out of a block of vanilla and some crumbled homemade cookies!! :) it was fantastic! Happy birthday to Sammy, Julia, and Sarah!!

I just loved Disney, it was so fabulous. I want to go back!!! :)

Horses, Elephants, and tea cups - OH MY!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adventure. Exploration. Discovery.

Lunch. Once again, my sister's blog recounts this eventful time in a much more eloquent, heartfelt way. My story is much less interesting. It was a beautiful day, there was a band playing, i saw Jack Sparrow walk by ( but don't worry, he didn't harass us, or steal from us ) and i prayed fervently for my little niece who threw up and waited for a Disney paramedic to arrive for a check up. :( poor little thing.

Thunder Mountain Railway!
A first real roller coaster for Julia! This ended up being one of her favorites.

Exploring on Tom Sayer's Island with the daddies and Nana and Grandpa. Meanwhile Sarah and I take care of sick little ones.

Wonder. Excitement. Fun.

Cousins, A'hoy!!
What a nice relaxing ride around the "River's of America".

These two are such good little friends. :)

Jungle Cruise! :) Mercy was a little nervous, and i'm pretty sure everyone ducked down when the Ape's started shooting across the river at us!! :)

Ah, the magical entrance! :) If you can block out the sounds of other people's children already throwing fits and crying hysterically, it is such a lovely place! :) hahaha. IT really is, we had a wonderful time. Just walking the streets, memories of being there as a kid flashing back to me, living in a world of imagination....I used to draw plans for new rides and leave them in envelopes not knowing where to send them. I drew all my favorite classic characters back then, i wanted to be a cartoonist. There is proof of that on the walls of my parent's basement- sorry about that mom. :) Just knowing that J and L are at the perfect age to be in that world of wonder, where the Castle is the REAL THING, the characters are magical, the rides are like nothing their minds have ever conceived. What a perfect Jump Start for any little girl's imagination, thank you God for giving us IMAGINATIONS. Creativity. Love for Adventure. :)