Friday, February 24, 2006



Ooooooooooohhhhh this cooking thing is just sooooo fun and banging the pan is splendid!!
I love to cook and sing and make messes with my mommy!


Mommy says flour doesn't taste good, but it sure feels nice!!

Poppyseeds, oooooooooo, so gritty in my fingers! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

almost there...i think we can, i think we can...

hi there folks,
today was windy, springy, bright and warm.

Milah came over for story time and we ate green cookies, made specially by Julia (with some help from mom of course.) I think Julia will have this cooking thing down pat pretty soon...maybe she'll make supper every other day for me...hmm....

Dave has been so busy working, but we are not in the house just yet. Here are some pics of our visit there yesterday.

Love from sue

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day of House

THese are old pics, from the Christmas Holidays, but i thought they could use some posting, soooooooo sweet. :)

Today we spent developing our home. how fun!!

In the morning we drove off to Sarnia, all wrapped up in our warm-i-est stuffs. upon arriving there we de-bundled and arranged toys and tools. Then it was 'down to work' time, which was very productive:
-kitchen sink installed
-tiled edge finished off with a lovely wooden trim in doorways
-our room organized and clothes folded into the dressers
-more toys cleaned off for the Juli-bean
-light switch plates' applied
-grocery store walk (yippee, i can still walk to get food!!)
-sewing desk and machine brought up to the 'study'

yep, it was a good day. lots done.
And JULIA SLEPT in our home for the first time. what a milestone! :) heehee. not in her new bed yes, but still, she slept in the little blue room covered in grass. ( "Grass is greeeeeen" she says)

heehee. love from me. talk again soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

new phrases...

Excitement in our house lately comes mainly from our boisterous almost-two-year old darling Julia. :) that was a mouthful.

Here are some of her words of late:
"Pe---pperoni, where A--R---E you?" (dashes are there for the length of time she holds that sound)

"Where's the moon?" (with that universal gesture of arms, hands and shoulders lifted as to say, "i don't know")

Mom says, "Julia, tomorrow we'll go to church" Julia, "YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH"
Mom , "What do we do at church?" Julia, "Sing"
Mom, "To who?" Julia, "God".

(that is a step forward from our last GOd discusion that resulted in Peter Pan being another name for God...oh dear)

"I Cinder-bella!" (with arms stretched skyward)
"Bibty-boo, pumkin!" (turning her balloons into pumpkins....all day today! )
"Chr-Robyn blow up balloon" (in reference to her Winnie the Pooh movie in which C.Robyn gives pooh a balloon to play with, after he blows it up.)

"Teddy hold on. " (as she ties a balloons' string to teddy so he can fly like Winnie.

"Listen to water" (as we walk past the drain on the street.)
Mom, "where does the water come from ?"
Julia, "Rain - cloud"

"Wanna play Jamis" (in reference to the Jamieson family that has 11 kids and she LOVES TO VISIT.

yes...there is more...but that is all for now.
love from us here.
hope that gives you a wee glimpse into our day.
from Sue. (i'm a wee bit cold-ish, and sniffly....please keep our health in mind and prayer! thank you)


Friday, February 10, 2006

these days are light and fluffy like the snow

Dear Folkies,
wow, two posts in one day! can it be?? ha.

here is miss Julia with her good winter hat that used to be MINE! wow. WHen she wears it she says, "Used mommy's".


yep. she is cute. this is her pulling teddy in a 'sled' with her scarf adn hat on...oh yeah..and her superman cape. :)

THis is Joya and Julia enjoying a fun morning together at the Naus house.

Joya comes from a large family and truely knows how to play with kids. I enjoy these girls soooo much they are very refreshing people to have around!

Joya and two of her sisters (Jewel and Ashlyn) came over for a girly-cookie-making time...and yes i do believe their cheeks may be full of chocolate chips in this picture...hmmm...suspicious....haha.

And here is the lil'miss. She promptly took her snack and sat on her car for the duration of snack time.....heehee. Silly girl! how i love her! :)

our bc trip of Christmas 2005

Deanna and Josh came to visit us...

Daddy and Julia and Lesina playing in their new aprons made by me for Christmas....Lesina is wearing sheep ears, and a boa as well....also parts of her present.

Here is Nana with the girls playing on the coffee tables...or.... in them i suppose...heehee. Roar , i'm a lion! :)

and here we are all just hangin ' around.... loves.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

test run

i just wanted to see how FAST these pics would upload with the new highspeed.
i am impressed. heehee.

this sideways pic is our living room.

and this horsey one is juliaand i on Jamie/Kristin's horse in Bradner! :) THANKS FOR THE LIFT!

Friday, February 03, 2006

happy birthday mom hillson!! :) we love you!

Today is cold, or warm, or both.
i don't really know...
the weather is confused you see-
for outside is RainSnow.

we went walking to and fro
to find which season we are in,
I'm more confused now than before,
for each new day is not akin!

So yes, we are in limbo as far as weather goes...i like it. sometimes cold and snowing (but it never stays! heehee) and sometimes lovely and warm adn rainy...perfect for going outside everyday!

My exercise 'program' is working out wonderfully so far. i have been running every other day for a week now. and doing floor exercises the other days.(if i remember!ha)

here are some pics. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMMMMMMY HILLSON! The first picture is miss julia dressing up to go 'shopping' , and the basket is full of things from the grocery store of her imagination...i believe she said they were carrots...and soap... yes. that was it.

the next pic is of miss julia licking her fingers of the delicious chocolate brownies mommy gave her. Yes, she is a girl. :) loves chocolate . :)heehee.