Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gifts From Afar

A package in the mail creates a stir of excitement in our home.  Shrieks and giggles over sparkles, paper, and toys.  "OH WOW, OH WOW!" As a puppy emerges from the envelope. The card full of love-words and long distance affections.   Thank you dear Nana and Grandpa for your love and sweetness.

Mercy is enjoying her gifts immensely!

Look Who Is Four!

 Mercy's Fourth Birthday, The Family Extravaganza!   We took off for the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo! A few family members chose to join us - which was such fun! We love to share our family celebration days, and show other people how beautiful the Detroit zoo is. :)
 Sammy woke up early with Dave to make Mercy her breakfast of choice. Waffles. Although, when Mercy thought that she was allowed to choose from any food at all, she wanted "Ice Cream, Please!" hahaha.  
 They are such good friends, all four of them. What a pleasure to see them spending time together as they grow. Cousins and siblings are such wonderful treasures.
 Some of the animals came nice and close, these Giraffes are so gorgeous.
 We met some Kangaroos with joey's in their pouch.   J and S tried to jump as far as a Kangaroo. 

 we watched the Snow Monkey's jump, balance and climb.
 Cousins on a garden bench.  After 6 hours of walking, all those legs were a little tired.
 Underwater watching the seals.
Birthday Girl enjoying her Oma for the day.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day of School!  Welcome to Grade Three!

First Day of School for Mercy! WE successfully did our School Work at the park in the rain, in the picnic barn. IT was a wonderful way to get fresh air, run in our rain boots and have snack... oh yes, we did some math too. :) 
First Day of School for Sammy!