Monday, June 27, 2005

happy birthday to Grandpa Hillson!

Here are some pictures of Julia. Her Viking-ness , the love of the corn and time with Grandpa Hillson.

The corn episode: she is like a dog with a bone! Corn is a favorite for sure. If fact, she curls it into herself in order to eat her other food!!

Dear Dad Hillson,
happy birthday to you !!! We want to send our love, hugs, and kisses to you on this day! You are a wonderful dad and grandpa, and we have learned much from you .
Love from the Naus-lings, Dave, Susan, and Julia

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Smouldering Sunday

Hey folks,
what a gorgeous day! Dave spoiled me with a lovely eggy breakfast this morning, i think he could have made the same for lunch on our sidewalk this afternoon! Sizzling!
To keep up my title, 'Domestic Diva' , i suppose i should write a bit about the adventures in our kitchen. Recently, thanks to our darling friends, J&P, we were able to experiement with ribs. mmmmm. Very nice dish, thank you guys! :) I find that the slow-cooker for 7-8 hours makes them so tender that they fall apart. We just tossed a nice rib sauce over them, plenty of garlic of course (thanks to my mother's great example--sorry dad) and then left them to soak all day in the pot.
This week I'm hoping to try a few more fresh strawberry pies. My sister just gave a tip of using cream cheese in the bottom of the crust-- sounds like a great addition to an age-old delicasy.
Feel free to leave any tips or recipes here for me.

Alright then, enough food talk. Today our darling little girl danced up the aisle at church, 'rode' her bike all around the house (definition of 'rode' : daddy pushing the tricycle, upon which she sat, not quite touching the peddles) , walked to the park just holding our hands, visited with 'Grandpa George' across the street (who she loves because he and his wife are always out there to sit and play and feed her ice cream!!) , is starting to speak ('buy go' = 'bike go' , 'ted'= teddy bear, 'ch' = chair, 'encyclopedia' = book, etc....heehee) , and pretty much making us fall in love with her every day over and over again.
Yep. life is good.

peace out.

Here is our sweet girl on her first bday, April 19th, 2005.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

This may be short-lived

Hey there,

this is fun, fresh, new, exciting.....hmmmmmmm....but i don't know how long it will last! SO, i'll do what i can, update when i remember it exsists, and in the meantime i'll keep doing what i love: being a wife, mom, and famous pie-maker! :)