Wednesday, October 29, 2008

more pics

our new rug... isn't it fun??
sam finally found a 'hat' that he thought matched his outfit the best.
snuggling with daddy!!!!
the pie that daddy made!!!! mmmmmmmm soooooooo good!!! he did it all, raisin pie for us!
sisters snuggling

our walk with nana (last week)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 photoshoot with Katy~*

Monday, October 20, 2008

more nana days

julia doesn't normally invite people to join in her dance ritual at this 'stage' but special people like Nana get a personal invitation and voila! here they are, performing for the masses... (of squirrels and birds and boats passing by...)
then... the children play and sing and sleep... and the girls, what do they do? (girls being myself, nana, oma, and the aunties)
the girls make TONS AND TONS of apple sauce and pie filling... this isn't all of it. this was midday.... there was EVEN more by dinner time!!!!
thank you oma for hosting a fantastic apple day!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

some of our fun....

oct 13 - 15

Dave and Adam spent the day making 9 pies (pumpkin and sour cream apple from scratch) and a big Spagetti dinner for their moose hunting trip. Julia helped them. it was so fun to see these two guys being so domestic all day. they even cleaned the kitchen when they were done!! :) and the pies looked AWESOME. (the apple one was excellent.... we ate one.. heehee)
Karli and Mark returned home to a decorated porch thanks to Julia and I, Mercy was there too, but she didn't really help us... as you can see. what a slacker. just kidding!! haha.

Mama Naus finally getting to cuddle with grandbaby #3.
AND.... TA DA!! my mama is here for a visit and we are having tons of fun. well i am. she is mopping and sweeping and cleaning... but i think she is having fun regardless!! haha. lots of time for stories and walks and playing with toys and puzzles. the kids love Love having her here to play with them!! :)

and last night she let dave and i go out to dinner as a gift for D's bday last month!! wahoo!! it was lovely to have a night out together with no kids along. :) THANKS mama. we love you!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


we love fall fair season!! it is so splendid! here my darling family is riding the carousel!
and Julia was able to pick another ride (we aren't very extravagant with paying for rides and such....) so she flew with Dumbo.
Mercy and I looked on.... cuddling and wandering around. my favorite things to do at Fairs are: visit ALL OF the animals. love that. wander the booths and see all the farmish countryish lovely simple things. talk to people we bump into and just happen to know. and watch any shows that may be happening. (like the crazy dirt bikes that were flying through the air... off ramps ... 60 feet through the open air to the landing ramp.. crazy!!!)
When we were done our long day at the fair we stopped by a friends home to see their new litter of puppies, and then we hit the road. it was nearing bed time. As usual, our neighbors were out when we got home, so V and L had us come sit on their porch for a while before we could head inside. we have great neighbors!!

mom comes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

kissy face

Thursday, October 09, 2008

some more wedding... and the sweet sam man

day 9 and 11

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

more of the wedding

so they are all out of order, but i just wanted to share a few fav's of the day. i love LOVE this last one!! isn't it great??

They had people throwing rose petals at them, and it was just lovely.

anyway. great day. beautiful and unique - just like the couple!!!!!

can't wait to live around the corner from them!

finally some WEDDING PICS!!

the 'girlz' hanging out together at oma's house!! :)
My beautiful Girl walking down the aisle!! she got to go first and throw petals before anyone else walked up to the front. so so so cute.
Adam caught this funny photo of us glancing at each other just after dave led me to my place up front. He didn't 'break his arm' as some people thought, that is Mercy in the sling over his shoulder. :) my friend Heather made it out of satin to match our fanciness.
THE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE: they are sooooo sweet. they stared into each others' eyes the entire time, heehee. so adorably in love.