Sunday, February 28, 2010


Kids: we like the olympics, and have enjoyed watching a lot of the moments.

The kids made their own Bobsleighs. :) (below)

Friday, in the midst of a snowstorm two lovely visitors arrived. My mama and my cousin. :) Safely we left on snowy roads, safely we arrived on snowy roads. Praise the Lord!

busy. but wonderful. we had a good weekend. now i'm going to rest by watching the Canada/USA hockey game. Cheerio!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


No. i did not paint this while skating. *aha!*
But i DID paint it!! I call it, Susan the 3rd. (it is my third painting since starting this obsession, clever name eh?) The bird in Flight is called a Bobolinks. The foliage below in the meadow are called "dandelions" yep. classy.

Note: since the olympics have began, i have tried to say "eh" more often to show my National Pride. :)

Small group Tuesday!! We went to the pond and skated instead of doing Biblestudy this week. Unfortunately it was VERY slushy due to the recent huge(ish) snowfall. Okay, maybe it wasn't a HUGE snowfall. But after glorious Springy weather, it feels like a HUGE snowfall!!!

Sam isn't a huge fan of skates (good thing, since we don't have any for him yet) so he played hockey in his winter boots (like most of the other folks). I was impressed with his good hand-eye co-ordination. Hmmmm.... maybe i'll be a "play for fun" Hockey mom.

Baby Beauty. :) my sweet little Birdie sitting pretty in her sled. She sat here and ate snow for the afternoon. ha. funny kid.

Friday, February 19, 2010

today was so full. Full of life and niceness.

Dave took Sam and Julia to meet friends at the Animal farm, and called me while en route to make sure i painted instead of cleaned, cooked or other. :) This is what happened after that. :) My Red Winged Black Bird. Locally, i see these whenever i drive through the farms. They are usually hiding in the reeds, all alone, watching the world go by.

The weather was incredible today!!! Above zero even. whew. amazing!

We met friends this afternoon at a local conservation area. Saw a Raccoon sleeping, wedged into this lovely Birch (?) tree. All in all, a good warmish winter walk with great friendly friends. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Down to the Township of Moore: i think this wood should be called: TangleWood.

Notes: The last photo, there were two inch slabs of ice a foot up the trees due to a flood in this area just before winter/frozen season. Mercy turned grumpy after our picnic, and then bam. she was asleep. good trip. until the dog poop ending. i think dog poop is my kryptonite, but after i got my attitude in check (and the smell dissipated a bit more) i was okay. haha.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Instead of mailing or phoning in my thankful, i decided to take a picture and Blog my thankyou .

So... ma and pa, thank you for the little valentines cards in the mail. that was very sweet of you. :)

We are a big Soup eating family, and this season i have tried a few new recipes. But this weekend we did an oldie but a "goodie" as they say. Canadian Green Pea Soup. :) mmmmmm. so good. apparently Mercy agrees. :)

As long as i am doing Valentine "thank you's" i need to finish up with some MORE!! :)

So THANK YOU to Mom and Dad Naus for watching the kids so i could go running!!
THANK YOU Dad Naus for taking Julia on a date to the mall. She loves one on one time! :)

THANK YOU for the pretty flowers and fun little gifts you bought with her!!
THANK YOU to karli and mark for watching the kids so dave could work overtime, and then thank you for hanging out to watch the Olympics with us!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Going on a Lion Hunt.

Safari time! That will be the theme of this baby gift! :)

Everyone loves a rousing Lion hunt, so i am hoping a new mommy i know will like this little homemade outfit for her newborn son... well, one day, when he finally fits into it! haha. :)

whew. time to do something else... this has consumed my day so far.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

crazy me.

I feel like a truck hit me last night, head ache, neck and shoulder aches and a cold that is lingering on and on.... so what do i do? Pack the kids up in our lovely -7 (feels like -16) weather and walk in the woods. i figure i have to do SOMETHING, so it might as well be more fun than our living room. (which has been "our fun" for too long with my cold sapping all my 'outdoor adventure' energy) bla. :) We had a good brisk walk. and hot chocolate upon our return home.

Friday, February 05, 2010

latest project.

I am a one-day-project-person. This means that when i take out all of my art supplies, sewing supplies, etc, i really want to have time to finish a project in one sitting. Call it impatient, call it hurried, that is me. :)

so, on that note, this was yesterday's quiet time project. :) Oriel's on a willow tree.

yep. i found cheap canvas's and i am so excited to decorate our home with Su-art... not that i think it is fabulous, but there is something special about choosing what to make for my walls. So, these are local birds (i'm told, i don't really KNOW these things yet) and the next project will be the blackbird with the red patch on it's wing... those are local, i can vouch for that because i see them all the time when we drive through the farmlands. So, now that i know i love to decorate with birds and nests and trees and twigs, i can also add my own art to the house! :) fun fun fun.

Monday, February 01, 2010

MICHAL came from far away.

Michal is a friend from Bibleschool days, and he is here for a while to visit and let us know what he and his sweet family are doing these days in Bosnia. here is what we did with him today:

these are the cupcakes from Opa's birthday party on the weekend.
The two by themselves, that would be "yours truly" and Dave. :)
Pretty cool eh? that is my Sister in law. :) very creative.