Sunday, January 27, 2008

january events

smiley little scooter: our darling boy has decided to scoot as a mode of trasportation. so now, at 10 months old he is moving slowly about our home quite nicely as the floors are all slippery and slidable.
This new mode of movement has broadened his horizons in the play department. no longer does he need to be satisfied with whatever mommy or julia brings, now he can get into trouble allllll by himself! what fun!! learning to listen to his name and 'no' 'that's mommy's' quite often now. :) haha.
who knew? this kept them busy together for about 30 minutes the other day. i just wanna bang on my drums all day!
my fav of late. the book basket in our living room.... aaaaaaah.
ever dancing. ever twirling. ever dressing up in dresses and ballet slippers and getting her hair down in a dancers' bun. Yesterday, while in the line up to get into dance class, Julia told her teacher and classmates that she wanted to be a 'professional dancers when she was done school'.

who knows. :) it is her passion right now.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


aaaaaah. okay, so i didn't stage this room before the photo, but we like to be 'real' so here it is... the room in all its lived-in-ness. :) the blankets are not usually on the couch, but last night they were awaiting a house guest. :) haha. i love our IKEA chairs. yippee for 45 $ a piece!!
this is one of my fav little spots to look at. our front entrance room. :)
latest science project, thanks to AUNTI ANN!! :) we did it ann! :) it grew in a little plastic bag green house we made for it, since the coldness of winter may have stunted it's growth.
princess bed... but really, it is an astronaut bed because this is her 'space shuttle'. yep. it is true.
OUR ROOM!! :) dave's fab candle holder yet again... and our re-store mirror!!!!


there's my little man making one of his cute expressions as he looks at me!! man, i love this kids temperament and personality. he is very fun to be around.
Julia is a 'sitting artist' as she puts it. and this is her doing a self portrait for Oma.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

talking on the phone to nana

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


goodbye aunti K... have a great time in Peru!!! we will miss you!!! (okay, so you aren't gone yet... but that was what with pic is for!!)
dave is so creative.
that candle holder... it used to be a tacky light stand that we found in the garage!! :0) what a creative genius!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

last ones for now...

dave making our pancake breaky!!
beautiful landscape!

Fabulous friends!! we stopped at J&Ps house on the trip home, and enjoyed every minute of it!!

merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all!!!!!!!!!


friends from afar...
surprise!!! happy 30th anniversary!! british style!
all the blessings.
uncle mac coming for a visit, bed time story cuddle!

Great Oma and Opa!

more pics

my sweet friend that came to visit me!!!!
dancing girls!!!
deer in the headlights? haha.
sweet sweet sweet.

more sweet friends!!!

finally : THE UPDATE!

We just returned from a lovely trip out west for Christmas! :) my family gave us the royal treatment as they fed and cared for us for 12 days!! we had a green and white Christmas (the snow fell and melted... it was very pretty..) with all the fixings. my mother is a great cook and hostess. i got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her kiddies, which was fabulous!! FABULOUS!! we have so much fun together. :)

well. i'll get on with more pics, since there are A LOT!!
happy new year!