Thursday, August 31, 2006

How far beyond Zebra did you go?

So folks, we have had another party, and taken more pictures, and learned many more things. Beyond the usual, we have spent time endulging our minds in the wide variety of domino-things, the relationship between "helping to cut broccoli for supper" and "still having some left to eat at supper", the theory behind "why iced tea isn't for breakfast", the symbiotic relationship of the juliacreature and mommycreature, and why "toadstools" are for looking at and "mushrooms" are for eating.
Here is the treasured Uncle Adin (Adam) . He leaves soon for school, where he WILL BE MISSED, but we are SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR HIM!!! Ad, you will have the TIME of your LIFE. The beauty of Sweden is awesome (similar to BC hills, trees, green, lovely) and you will find yourself lost in the woods, farms and meandering roads more often than you thought possible. If you want to see where this guy is going, check my top link on the link list.
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the attack of the AUNTI'S!!!!!!!!!!! :) Julia loves having family around!!
Something i've been meaning to write down is this: "Blue Lunch" yup. that's it. One of MIss Elizabeths games. We play domino's ALL THE TIME, but she continually comes up with new things to do, when she tires of the old. we make parks, houses, towers, the usual, but now she has her FAVORITE pieces, the dark blue five dot ones, and the light blue single dot ones. These comprize her "blue lunch" and she holds them tightly until i make her put them all away at the end of our game. strange but true.

another cute cute story: we recently "showed" our home to a potential buyer. I was cleaning and organizing all day, so Julia kept asking, "who is coming over today?" (it might be true that i clean mostly when people are visiting....but i'll keep you in the dark as long as possible about that...) I told the Jules that someone was going to look at the house . "WHY?"
"Because they may want to buy it."


(in the slightly whiney, not so cute voice, but very cute words)
"BUT this house is special to MEEEEEEEE"

ooooooooooh funny. anyway. she'll warm up to the idea, after all, she sings about wanting a tree with a swing in our backyard allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. i think she's ready to move.

love from sue

Monday, August 28, 2006

Family Reunion

Last night was a lovely family reunion at the family farm (well, one of the family farms! ) Delightful times were had by all, especially the children! As you can see. There was also a pool to swim in, so these kids were beyond happy! :) It was so much fun to watch Julia play with cousins. I have sooooooooooooooooo many fond memories of playing on 'the farm' with my own cousins, that this meant a lot to me. The oldest girls led them all in a game of "simon says" , even though they didn't realize that was the game they were mimicing. Rolling in balls, jumping, running, reaching as high as they could....very cute to see them all doing this together.

Ah, Holly, if you are reading this, that was us wasn't it??? Telling the other kids what to do all the time......oh the memories....."J-, you stay here" "C-, you aren't allowed in this fort" "J-, you have to get our food for us" "C-, we'll lock you in the chicken coop if you don't obey"

ah, the memories.

Anyway. Thank you for the lovely party family of ours. See you all again soon i hope.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

animals here we come!

daddy had a day off. we travelled to the farm. the animals were nice. "we see them come. we see them go. some are fast. and some are slow. some are high and some are low. not one of them is like another don't ask us why. go ask your mother." - 'one fish two fish red fish blue fish'

this last pic is of an awesome curl that the jules had in her hair.

love from the crazy family of nauslings. (still recovering from caffine intake and lack of sleep. pray for me!)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

who knew that caffine could do so much damage?

So this is a confession.

yep. i'm an addict to good books when accompanied by a Tim Hortons large regular coffee. I can't believe myself. Ashamed, i am trying to reveal the truth to you all in this short letter. (heeheh)

Due to a late evening coffee with friends (which, i must add, usually does NO harm to me whatsoever) i was up to the wee hour of 3am. Reading. If i had left the book on the dresser, things may not have lasted so long, but alas, i could not. As if pulled by magnetic forces, it drew me from bed and cast me into a night long read. I haven't done this in years. Finally gaining the wilpower to close the book, i lay quiet, but hardly still. Adrenaline pumping through my veins, i felt like i was trying to sleep on a trampoline at a ten year olds birthday party. Hopelessly i awaiting sweet sleep to finally captivate me( for 3 whole hours), and then it was a thunder storm. Yes. i do love them, but NOT at 6 am. This was untimely. Rescuing my sweet angel from her bed where she lay rigid and shaken, we all cuddled in 'mommy and daddy's ' bed until the storm passed. ( Ahhhhhhhhhhh. SO cute. Julia kept pulling my hand over her eyes, and then announcing after EVERY lightening bolt, "i saw another BIG flash" in her cutest of cute whisper voice. haha.) Then, *sigh* she went back to bed. But it took me a lot longer to fall asleep, and then for such a short time that i don't think it was beneficial.

Anyway. all this to say, if temptation stares you in the face (in the form of Timmie's Coffee and a Francine Rivers novel) run scared the other way. pray hard for deliverance.

I thought i'd be dead on my feet today, but thanks to mama Naus i survived. Her great food and company kept me awake until (forced) to nap. :) thanks mom, i needed the hour and a half extra.

whoohoo. guess who ISN'T going to pretend she's strong enough to stay up all night reading and keep a house running the next day EVER AGAIN. hmm...unless i borrow that book i was drooling over last week.....

Dave may have to follow through on his "book prevention plan".

may happy reads never fail to keep you up at night.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hi there everyone,
today i decided to capture a wee bit of our daily life on camera. In order for you to get the full affect of this little clip, i'd appreciate it if you put on Ashley McIssac, or Natalie MacMaster and then proceed with the viewing. :)


Anyway, hope you enjoyed that. I do everyday, usually i am involved for the larger part of the dance. We swing scarves around, and jig, or do ballet, or other interpretive dances. haha. So fun, i hope the people that witness it from our large front windows enjoy it as much as we do. haha.

have a great day.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Today is the 21st, and that marks my first trimester is OVER.


I am officially three months pregnant!

"For YOU created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful." psalm 139.13

Our baby can hear us now. It is amazing to me. incredible. God truly designed a mystery, a magnificent one. Julia talks to him-her sometimes. "Hi baby" , and gives him-her 'raspberries'. (blowing on the know the game, it tickles) very sweet.

loves. from sue.

Sunday, August 20, 2006







Saturday, August 19, 2006

oh and by the way

our phone is not working, so if you are calling me, i am so sorry! :)

we have no clue how it happened, but Bell has taken our dial tone away, dave says (after much checking and rumaging about in the basement) that there is no dial tone coming into our home. yippe.

so we are without a real phone. i have a cell, so i can call out.

:) we appologize for the incovenience and all we have to say is, BELL is second rate next to COGECO! :) heehee.


I thought i'd get a bit o' news this morning, as to associate myself with what is happening in the world. I was thoroughly disappointed however, to find it a frustrating event!

Did anyone else listen to the absurd news review of "NEW ISRAELI RAIDS"????? The CBC news room did a fabulous job of increasing the tension of, "oh dear, what is happening in the mideast, did Israel really disobey the UN???" only to have the story come to the surface, it was Israeli soldiers defending a Hezbollah breach of the cease fire. The news made it sound as though it was ISRAEL that was disobeying the UN's forced cease fire, when it was really the Hezbollah. crazy.

i hope they are embarrassed.
I truly hope they are.
the news woman even questioned the Israeli spokesperson as though they were MAKING it up or telling some form of biased falsehood.

rude rude rude.

anyway. i had to vent, i thought it was totally absurd.

in other news, i learned that Hershy the chocolate lab in Alberta's drug sniffing crew retired.

have a great day.

:) sue

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dog Poop Cookies

Or so they were named by Miss Julia. My favorite cookie, the Ginger snap, mmm so good. (And....apparently molassass is supposed to aid in the recovery from pregnancy-induced-nausia. Not that i have any just now, but hey, i might as well eat a couple to make sure i DON'T get a bit sick. *snicker* I find that my mind works in preventative measures like this often.) But .... back to the topic at hand...DOG POO COOKIES. I suppose, when rolled in HER method of rolling, it truly DOES appear dog poopish.....but really??? i can't imagine wanting to eat something called such. bla. they are very tasty.
"oooooooh look, dog pooooooop"-julia naus

Julia is a very good cookie roller. "COokie Rolling is so fun" - julia naus

"Can i eat a little?"-julia naus
"Can i eat this little piece?"-julia naus
"Can i eat this one?"-julia naus

see the pattern??

HEre is our darling butterfly princess. ah, yes, we are so blessed by her fluttering about our lives. I can't imagine life without her. Dave and I were just talking of this last night (after Dave's first successful men's gaming night!! horray! ). I can't believe she has only been around for just over two years...i can barely remember life without her here.

God gives such good gifts.

Praise the Lord.

while she was on the potty today, julia announced, "thank you mommy"
"For what dear?" says I

"For making me happy."-julia naus

aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrggggggggg so wonderful.

Monday, August 14, 2006

a tale of cuteness

So here they are: friends, comrades, partners in cuteness.....Julia and Corrina playing together!
And our lovely group of gamers....playing lateinto the evening, as you can tell by the looks on our faces. well, this one has to be short, enjoy the pics!! Especially all you who are aching for a new Corrina pic! :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Tree Girl

As of late, we have been learning about trees. Julia, being quite facinated by the evergreens' during our campout last weekend, asked to learn more. After a quick trip to the library, we discovered that Coniferous and Disciduous trees are very exciting. Now our little botanical-wiz is telling us when she sees 'Conifers' , etc.

Another discovery we have encountered is the amazing brain activity of midnights. Two evenings we have spent enjoying late night games with the Colvin and Colvinson clan, and after waking Julia from her sleepover and driving home with her at the brain-active hours of 11-12 at night, we found something out. THE BRAIN WORKS SO HARD REMINDING us of what we learned all day(week) that it is very useful and applicable at night!! this is a huge breakthrough! i think that kids should never have tests during the day....i plan on waking our children at midnight for their final exams.

The reason i say this is: On our way home last night, Julia announced, "I HAVE A GOOD IDEA FOR THE TREES TO REST." (or sleep, dave says she said SLEEP) So i asked her, "oh yes, what is that dear?" (very curious to see what she was dreaming about...) she replied, NO JOKE, THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID, "i have a good idea for the trees to rest and then they will stop making chlorophyl."

NO JOKE. we laughed all the way home....and she continued talking about chlorophyl, trees, and how she is going to buy a dark blue back hoe to drive when she is older. Then she said she would fly on an airplane to bring Nana and Grandpa a dark blue backhoe.

anyway. that was the very funniness of the night drive home.

I will put pictures up soon of Corrina and Julia playing together sooooooooooooo sweetly.

from sue

Thursday, August 10, 2006

here is...........

The Colvinson OUR OWN HOME!! how wonderful! how delightful!

many glorious events to follow.

Something is about to happen....

...............soon...something will be revealed...something exciting...

what could it be?

you'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

more pics

this is Rock Glen, we spent a day there exploring the river a bit. pretty!!


We have just returned from a glorious trip to nearby Warwick Conservation area. I believe it was the perfect place to experiment with our new-to-us (given to us) equipment and our Very-excited-for-camping daughter. (since any time one is camping with toddlers it is experiment, right??? you just NEVER know how much rest one may get in the process)

Here is our little helper girl. (wearing her Sou'wester of course) She tried to set up her own tent, and helped a lot with ours. The site we we assigned was pretty bad.....small, beside the road, narrow and worst of all FLOODED. so THANKFULLY we were able to snatch a recently emptied site!! Someone had backed out of their weekend of camping, and PRAISE THE LORD, because they had reserved the BEST SITE in the conservation area. (i thought at least) It was a huge site, in a line of only four sites, all secluded from the rest of the camping!! It was a deep site as well, going back down a hill of woods.... very fun for exploring and privacy!!! I couldn't have described a better spot. And it was truly God ordained!! (He likes to give us good gifts, right?) of the high lights of camping for Julia: roasting marshmellows.....she does it on her own you know....only they don't get very brown when she roasts them...haha, she is too cautious or her arm is just too short....
Julia's napping the shade for the afternoon sleep. This worked wonders for our trip. i would suggest it to was dark, small, quiet and shaded for coolness. She slept better in here than in our big tent, because there was less space to look about.
More highlights:
Playing "Frigbee" with mama and daddy. Running running running all around the grassy field that was the entrance to our site. (no road) :) Going on the campgrounds' wagon ride Saturday evening. Watching fish jump in the early morning, down by the lake's still waters. (where julia noticed, "the trees are upside down in the water, why mama?" Too young for a science lesson on reflection ??? na) Jumping on the airmattresses. And then jumping some more. Swimming and swimming and swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the pool, which was very lovely. Daddy discovered a great way to keep her afloat. Take a pool noodle, and wrap it around her, crossed under her arms pretzl style, and then she holds the two ends, and kicks with her legs and swims around) Oma and Opa visiting us for a while. listening to the birds together. Having Julia say again and again, "mommy i want to learn about the trees." (mental note: go to the library and get good books about trees, susan) ummmmmm. i'll go load more pics now.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A long journey of life....

Hey Folks, sorry that i have been absent. Our computer crashed for a few days after a fierce storm came through our wee town.

Anyway....lots has happened since you last heard from us. It has been way WAY too hot. That is what happened. haha. Besides finally having to run the AC for longer than i feel is right, we have been enjoying what we can of the blistering weather. water. WATER. water. Isn't that the best thing to have around in the heat?? Thank you God for making pools, water parks, hoses, and such.

I believe water kept us alive in the sweating days we have just passed through. POOR POOR dave doesn't have AC in his work van, so the man has been working in heavy dark work clothes, in the heat of a van, that is hotter than nature itself. scarey. He drinks like.....four litres of water a day now!!!!!!!!!!!! (and all he has to show for it are very heavy clothes from all the sweat!)

Anyway....this humidity and sun and occassional rain (our lifesaver today, rainstorms!!!) have been producing glorious fruits and buds around the area.

i have provided you with some of our favorites: "Matoes" and "E-k-in-asia". Yes, Julia knows all her flowers and plants. haha. The ones in our garden and neighborhood at least. "Mommy that's a maple tree".

Um, dad, here is a pic of the triplex that you have been asking for for weeks. sorry it took so so long.

love from sue