Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sinter Klass: Present Day!

 Early morning fun as a family.... it all began as a day to have family memories made apart from our busy extended family Christmas celebrations .  Now we know it as "Present Day" where we bless each other with gifts, and spend the whole day relaxing together enjoying the new toys. When Christmas Day arrives, we open a box filled with our "gifts for Jesus" where we get the kids to think of what God desires from us. (helping the least of these, serving each other and the poor) We also spend the 25th with family and sharing gifts with them. :)  So far our family enjoys spreading the joy over the whole month of December. So, Happy Present Day!
 Julia made Mercy a photo book of our family. :)  Here she is showing her each picture.

 Julia and Taryn wearing their new matching nightgowns. :) My secret sewing project for each of the kids this winter.  The girls gowns are inspired by Clara's gown in the Nutcracker, Sammy's is supposed to look like an "Irish Grandfather" night shirt.
"All I want for Christmas is my ".... three front teeth!!! So far he has only lost one, but there are two more just waiting to fall out. :)

Merry Present Day! Sinter Klass came to our house!!