Tuesday, July 31, 2007

more news

This beautiful butterfly (or Flutterby, as a steward at the airport so lovingly tried to get Julia to believe) landed here for just a few moments, long enough for me to snap a quick pic and then fly off again! :) we watched it drink the nectar out of the flower, very exciting to us nectar-freaks. :)it is warm ish here, and this is our solution. :) my safety conscious girl..."helmet" and all.
this is the new and improved house. new paint. new walkway. new gardens. now all it needs is new flowers and new owners. hahahaha. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH MAMA NAUS FOR STAYING THE DAY TO PAINT!! and babysit!

news from around the water cooler..

okay....sorry about the sideways shot here....he is still cute though. so enjoy! :)

These are the long overdue birthday pictures from last week's party at the beach! Here is Ann with the Jules, looking for rocks. The Family surprised me with a dinner at the beach, swimming, frisbee throwing and fun!!! THANK YOU!!!
oma chilling with the babe
Julia stuffing her face. :)
AND THIS IS THE CUTEST DRESS EVER! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! my mama made it for me (and probably my sis too) when we were kids, and now Jules is wearing it! aaaaahhhh. i love it on her, she suits the sweetness of it so well.
okay....more pics to come...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to the World Brooklyn!

Dear Readers

i'd like to welcome Brooklyn Rae Fyfe to this bright and beautiful world!!

Congrats to natalie and aaron!!!

Children are a HUGE blessing from the Lord!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


we would like to activate all of you to pray with us for a good friend at church who has just been rushed into the hospital and is diagnosed with spinal meningitis. he is in his early 20's and is in critical condition on assisted breathing.

thankyou for your prayers

Saturday, July 21, 2007

so cute

"mommy, can i hold him? can i burp him? can i rock him to sleep? (no pause for answer...just continued rambling) i'll go get his blanket and bundle him up and rock him to sleep"

Friday, July 20, 2007

what is freedom....

SO....here is the man i love. we had a lovely date last night, thanks to mama naus for babysitting! :) yippee! it was simple and lovely. a walk by the water, a great desert and coffee with conversation, and a drive around town to find our future home.... laid back and leisurely, perfect. We have spoiled ourselves enough in the last couple weeks, so a simple and delightful date was just up my alley. and as per usual...haha...we planned it as we went. ( our life is like a choose your own adventure book....we don't always know what page we will turn to next! haha)ooooh about the title. Julia asked me today what 'Freedom' means...and i found myself stumbling over words and word pictures trying to explain it. ANY IDEAS FROM OUT THERE??? i'd appreciate it. thanks.

Here is my silly girl...she chooses her own clothes about 80% of the time, and this is today's outfit. classy, i know. haha. she even went to teh park in it. heehee. anyway. i asked her to stand for a picture and instead i got this silly pose.
.......along with this pose...which looks like she is just about ready to knock out my front teeth, yikes! what a goose, eh?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

four years!!!

Four years, two kids, one house. yep. that's a pretty good haul for us in four years if i do say so myself. haha.


God is so good. faithful. true. showing us daily that we are so small and He is so big, so in control, so magnificant!

dave, life is incredibly awesomely great with you. dude. you are my best friend and i love you to pieces. Amy K. asked me if i feel like you are the same dave i married, and i said. YES and even better than i expected.

so. thank you for loving me.
horray for anniversary number four! hip hip horray!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


it has happened....our yard is being transformed! yipppeeeeeee! Dave and Cam (and Julia) built this lovely walkway yesterday!!! isn't it grand? while i was at the dentist, the crew of three worked very hard (and sam watched them) and after hours of labor and a few drives to the hardware store (for those last minute things that are always necessary)....the lovely walk is FINISHED. ah. it is sooooo nice to see change. i love it. so refreshing.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

part 5

three generations.

Dave came and picked us up at the airport, we then stayed with good friends in brampton for two nights. this was yet another delightful part of our holiday. we were thrilled to have dave spending it with us finally! :) Our friends treated us to a beautiful picnic in the park, followed by horseback riding, and kite flying. what fun!
All in all, we had one GREAT vacation. sorry that the words are short, sweet and few....but hey, i've got other things to do.... laundry, cleaning and cooking........ik...things that i didn't have to do the last two weeks...it is hard to get back into it when you've been on vacation for so long! haha. but hey, i like a clean house, so i'd better STOP BLOGGING!

part 4?

my Grandma with the kids...
Jeff and Tash came to visit!
it was so good to see them again! We sat around into the evening talking about God, His people, and His purposes for us....very encouraging.
the biker girls...below...wearing helmets. ahem...at least, that is what THEY called them as they trudged out to the grassy hill to ride their little bikes.


More friends that stopped by to spend time with us Ontarionians...were these sweet folks!! :) there were a lot more of them....but i didn't take many pictures! oops! so THANKS Christa and Elise and families...you were TONS of fun to play with! Both of these girls were mentors to me in youth group days. Christa , i will always remember, had me over to watch the Anne of Green Gable's movies each Fall. Those times with her were priceless. Watching how Ryan took care of her, and later how she parented her kids were great lessons for me! And Elise...i remember have a sleep over with her back in the day, and her insight on life was very refreshing to me!
my oma and opa visited us a few times, lovely folks. :) my opa kept saying that his horse was tied up in front of our house....yeah...he is a funny opa.
An exciting day at stanley park resulted in this: sam and kallie meeting each other for the first time!! yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeee.
Mac, Kari, and me....reunited! too short of a visit, but totally worth the drive into Vancouver! thanks mom and dad for bringing us in to see our friends!

more vacation

My sister is very cutely pregnant. Here the kids are busy in the sand box....and playing in the house that my dad built with his friend for us as kids.isn't it AWESOME?mom with the boys, in their beautiful garden!!!!!
my good good friend Amy came to visit me, what a blessing this girl is! now a teacher, she is still the same old Amy that is caring, crazy and always ready for a good chat, hug, laugh, and cry! :) She took time out of her busy schedule to visit me, and i am so grateful to her! thank you amy!!
cute kids..............
the deer that we met at the playground early one morning!!!!!!!!! two of them, cool eh??

Summer Vacation

As some of you may know, the kids and i travelled far away to the land of milk and honey...okay, not really, but it is a different kind of 'promised land', rich in God's natural expression of his beauty!BC was warm and sunny. lovely. homey. delightful.We stayed with my parents, and played with my sister and her kids everyday.
Julia learned to trust her body for more physical activity. (since she is more of a sit and color, or make-believe kind of girl) This is a great thing, because she tends to be nervous about doing things that she doesn't know she can do...her confidence in her physical ability is not very strong....her confidence in her cognitive ability...now that's another story! haha
my sweet folks had a lovely time cuddling with Sam. (and Julia too...if they could catch her)
The girls were in each others' company constantly, and wow. it was delightful. besides the normal "i like horses more than you do." "no I like horses more that YOU do!" kind of bickering, they played soooooooooooo well together, and i feel like i didn't see Julia for a week, because she was always off playing. (maybe having twins would n't be so bad after all??? haha)

more to come............

Monday, July 02, 2007

try to fly

hey folks...

well, today is monday and we are going to try to fly once again. Yesterday was a test run, i suppose.

We drove to london, leaving at 10:45 am...and returned to our home (the wrong destination for the day) at about 6:45 pm. it was ... a very wasted day. unproductive. and such. But fine at the same time. We endured line ups. security. waiting. etc. but when it seemed that something MUST be wrong since boarding was half an hour late...they finally told us that something malfunctioned on the control panel, it would take 2 hours to retrieve the part from Toronto, and thus...we must wait for them to figure out what to do with us (A plane full of people. going to various destinations that day)

A while later. they simply cancelled the flight, due to complications.soooooooooo....we wandered. called home for our Oma to come back and get us. THANKFULLY she was still in London shopping! otherwise it would have been a very long wait! :) yippee.

so, we just continued on our way. it was a wasted day. there and back. yackity yak.


Now that it is a new day, we are trying again. in about 30 minutes we will leave for the airport AGAIN. and prayerfully get on this flight and safetly get to Abbotsford today. sooooo see y'all later!!!

that is our little tale for the day.

we appreciate your prayers for our travel time.