Friday, November 28, 2008

another walk in the wintery land

another cold walk in the snow.... sooooo lovely!!
the little snow fairy that we found... :) hahaha.
and a sweet pic of Grandpa with the kids.

Monday, November 24, 2008

a walk in the woods of wintery wonder

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!! this walk was fabulous. Pulling Sam in the sled, watching Julia and a couple other kids run and jump and slide and throw snow!!! we went in search of a beaver dam, but it was not found. our plan is to follow up in each season and see what the beaver is up to! :) there were trees that the beaver was working on, and some were felled already. very cool!!!!!

above: the stream was frozen over, and it was BEAUTIFUL gorgeous wondrous. isn't it great?? all of the ice chunks frozen into the deeper dark water.... wow.
cute couple... oh.. i guess i'm biased.. haha.
i love sunny winter days!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

another snowy Christmassy day

THE collection of photographs describes the last 2 days.... snowy, white, fun, food, family, gifts, games, books, piano playing, running around, getting cold, riding a horse drawn cart through the celebration of lights, etc etc etc. :)

it is lovely to have my daddio here!! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

silly poem day





Wednesday, November 19, 2008

finally out in the SNOW! :)

So today as i balance all of my life-activites... cleaning bathrooms, nursing Mercy, washing dishes, reading stories, answering phone calls, doctors visits, meal planning, grocery lists, etc... we found some time to play in the SNOW!!! This is really sam's first time actually having FUN in the snow, and even so, it is a bit cold for him. (i need to get him some 'hot paws' mittens...) however, Julia made him a snow-cone (in a plastic toy ice cream cone!! haha) and HE LOVED it. and thouht he was eating a lot of ice cream... since she filled it up a couple times. hahahaha. he totally thought it was ice cream... so funny.

How is it that they BOTH have the SUPER cheesey smile????

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My girls.
Some Christmas decorations on my porch.
snow snow snow snow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

daily work...

Citrus Pork Roast for a friend (above).... and one of Julia's Christmas gifts... a dress-up dress!!(below) :) yippee!
we are doing a (mostly) Homemade Chrsitmas. (homemade or hand-me-down) so for Julia i want to make a couple dresses - she is TOTALLY into dressing up fancy right now.. .and maybe for a long time! haha. Sam is getting the fun Fisher Price mountainy train set (handed down from our friends) and Mercy... i don't know what her homemade-handmedown will be... we shall see.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Julia went timberdoodle (woodcock [small woodland bird]) hunting with dave and uncle eric today. doesn't she look so cute??????? hahaha. anyway. they taught her how to use a compass (sort of). and she directed them out of the forest once they were finished hunting. Once home, we ate the delicious birdie that they caught. Dave made it into an appitizer, since there was literally 2 bites for each of us. mmm. the taste of a successful hunt... so good.cute girlie photo.

i feel so so safe

i have Lucy the Brave and Edmund the Strong here to protect me.
Julia is making serious plans about how the 'real' peter and lucy and susan and edmund are going to help them fight the enemy and conquer them...... i wish we had a wood for them to run out and make believe these stories.... maybe when they are older we will.. :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


my surfer-boy has lost his long long long long long curls, and in their place there are sweet little ruffle-curls like last spring, before his locks grew so straggly. Here is the post-bath-comb-out, so sleek. haha.

and there we are.... mama chopped it off!! i was just going to do a 'trim' to keep it neat and tidy, but really... with a 19 month old you just do what you can! hahah. i ended up taking off about an inch all the way around, and a bit more at the nape of the neck (to keep him from looking like he had acquired a MULLET). it isn't a fabulous cut, but i am happy with my work (i'm new at this). and i figure it went pretty well considering he sat nicely through it all. The picture bellow is Knight Sam, wearing the Maille shirt dave made for julia. :) doesn't he look awesome?? haha. that was before the hair cut that i did this evening. :)
i miss the straggling curls, but it is better to have his hair neat and tidy, and much much less girlish. poor guy was being called a girl by people that KNEW WE HAD A BOY!!! oh well. :) haha it was our fault.

i am all peopled out. i am not a total introvert, but i am not an extrovert either... so after 4 days of seeing 1-6 different visitors each day... i'm ready for some quiet. i LOVE YOU ALL but i need some introvert time. hahaha. to recharge for more great fellowship!

God is so good.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

i just can't get over HOW STINKIN' CUTE THEY ARE

I just LOVE how sweet and cute Sam is with his little sister.
"Old 'er?" he says to me holding his arms out wide, heehee sooooo sweet.

so.. i realize i just did a bunch of photos of them sitting together... but I HAD TO DO MORE. because it is so sweet!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


it is SO GORGEOUS!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I just have to note, that although it may be November by the calendar, it is August by the thermometer!!! Wow! what gorgeous weather. The Weather Network tells me it is a lovely 20 degrees outside of my Christmasy-decorated home!!! Why am i not out there?????? Because i am crazy! no, actually because there are babies sleeping for nap time... ooooh i want to be outside! Soon... soon soon soon.

Okay, the above cute picture is Julia practicing her Teddy Bear For Christmas dance for the Christmas Open House that her dance school puts on at the local theater. Should be.... interesting. hahaha and CUTE. Anyway, Sam is SO INTO copying his sis (and anyone) that he grabbed a teddy and tried to follow along!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA. IT WAS SO CUTE!
TODAY WAS PANCAKE DAY! and oooh we had fun. Dave made THE BEST pancakes ever (they tasted like Christmas) and we had all sorts of toppings. Then Carla and Kathryn and Karli and Mark joined us for a lovely pj party!! (thanks to the folks that brought fun little extras!! it was awesome to have you join us!! we will do this again soon)
Sorry for the underwear in this shot, oops!! The pancake party turned into a story party soon after the food was gone.... so nice to have aunti's and adopted aunti's and such!

Some of our Christmas decore.... we set everything up on the first day of november, so delightful! i ABSOLUTELY love the lights. there is something about dimly lit rooms and star lights and candle lights..... the atmosphere becomes so calm and cheery.... aaaaaawwwwh. i love it.
glass vase full of totally homemade 'potporri' (spell??). i dried oranges, apples, cranberries, added some pinecones and long-wood-like seeds from a tree in town and an old bead strand... so pretty. :)