Thursday, September 27, 2007

a new niece!!

Check out my sister's blog if you haven't baby girl is here!! 
welcome to the world Matalena Hope Lapa!!
love from your Aunti and Uncle and cousins!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

baby lapa!!! welcome to the world!!

i know the news. but i'm not letting it out yet. muhahahaha.

sarah gets to do that! :)

love su



there is probably a new baby in the world....

and i am sooooo excited to hear about the new LAPA!!!!!


Monday, September 24, 2007


daily i fight against the clock to get all the things i want to do done.

why is there so much i want to do and so little time?

study: i want to learn more about ecology, Israel, prophesy, sewing, painting, silk dying, the bible, history of everything and anything, being a friend, massage therapy-technique, being a good mommy, aaaaah

you see my trouble here......i just have too much in my head that i want to do. when i should really be sitting in my bed praying: for my sister- about to have baby numero 3 !! and for my children, sleeping in their beds...and for my hubby out playing Volleyball....and for my long long list of questions i have about theology and doctrine and how i really need God's wisdom to make sense of them....

okay. enough stalling.
i'm off to pray.
sarah, better have your babe tonight, i'm on my knees for ya sis.

more fun to see

oma and the little bear at daddy's birthday party.   funny how we pick little names for each other, isn't it?? so far, this is our little bear, or samsam, or samwise, or sammy, or sambam, or samoid, ...and i don't really know why .  but little names are fun. 
playing on our bed...

i love how much these two enjoy each other, even with the big age gap.  Sam just lays on the bed and stares at Jules. just watches and then makes little cooing googly noises. so so sweet. he loves her so.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

dave's belated birthday party

i love working in the kitchen with Julia by my side. She is such an eager helper (when she feels like it. haha.)   Dave requested home made pizza for his special bday supper, and here is sweet J rolling the dough .   And as we always do things: she spread the sauce, dropped pepperoni and mushrooms and peppers by the handful, and sprinkled cheese for the pizza as well.  mmmm.

Lovely looking pizza eh?? 
Awwwwww i love my wittle family.
aaaaaw.....karli and markiemark. 

Monday, September 17, 2007

part five: the conclusion

So, after meal planning for this weekend i have discovered that i really enjoy preparing food for the masses. it was a challenge for me, because i've never cooked for so many at once, but i liked doing it. (it helped that everyone was SUPER easy to please and very very expressive in their thanks!) My favorite part however, was not the food, but the magical cleanup that happened afterward!! waaahooo! i could get used to doing all the cooking if it meant other people always cleaned up after me!! :) THANK YOU to all of you for helping tidy and clean the house! you ROCK!!

i think i'm ready to do that again. about next year? heehee.

i miss you all already.
praying for you to get home and to continue serving God and enjoying Him.
from the Naus Gang

part four: random

There was much play with kids, and much play with kids-toys!! :) hahaha. we caught you Timo( and almost everyone else) playing with the 3d block puzzle, the music toy, the potatoe head...heeheemy sweet kids.
Mere petting the kittie (the creature that caused much distress for one dear Kari and her poor little nose!!)
we were all pretty tired after many late nights. but it was sooooo worth it!!

part three: sorry for the poor rotation of pictures

cutest Kallie!!Cutest Kari!! :) heehee.
Dave with the kidlets. aren't they sweet???
THere was much playing with children this weekend. And Nurse Robyn really showed her true colors of nursiness and warm-heartedness!! :)

part two

for having two 6 month olds and a three year old in the house, it was a pretty quiet weekend. the guests all enjoyed the babes, and Julia REALLY enjoyed the guests. i think we will be going through major with-drawl from this weekend.

what a great man. i love him so. we celebrated my dear dear hubby's bday with all our friends this weekend. :)

what a wonderful weekend

where do i begin? there was cuteness, sweetness, fun, food, fellowship and frenzy.
Those that showed: Bonita, Meredith, Jordan, Kari, Eric, Kallie, Timo, Robyn, Chris, Dave, Sue, Julia and Samuel.

Thank you to all of you beautiful people that chose to spend time with us in 'our' home for this years' reunion. TO ALL THOSE that missed out, we plan on doing this again and again.

next year will be (most likely, and Lord willingly) at Amy O's wedding in Michigan.

the year after that....Lord willing, in Winnipeg. but we shall keep you posted .
we walked to the wyoming parade and fall fair...yeah, really a 'happening' place, let me tell ya! hahaha. okay, so it is not at all, but we had fun!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

seeing double

Last night, after a quick visit with great Opa, we saw God's beautiful artistry in the sky.  What skill He has! a double rainbow. isn't it lovely?
Eze. 1:28
"Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him.  This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD.  When i saw it, i fell facedown, and i heard the voice of one speaking."

with all the beautiful, bright and interesting things we get to see day after day , the rainbow may have lost some of it's 'wonder' for us i suppose.  but if we think about how it is there, and why it is there, the awe may return.  just consider that God made everything in the universe in such a way that rainbows can form, he organized every droplet of water, every ray of light and created each color, just so that when all the pieces are in place, we can see this beautiful

mmmmm.......banana walnut cake for dessert. yum.  another (less fantastic but more tasty) work of art....
driving into the flaming yellow-pink sunset!  it gives the appearance of the city burning up...but it is pretty!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

random fun-ness

more and more cuteness....
Julia begged me to take a picture of her drawing....while unable to here it is. a game of carcassonne !! what fun (until karli ate me with her dragon friend.....grrrrrrr) spontaneous lunching together is always fun!!


sorry for all the delays, but it is busy around here.

what with packing. doctor appointments to fix julia's leg. regular life business. fun. duties. trials. etc etc. you know how life goes. haha.


today i took julia to the doctor (an answer to prayer because my doctor is VERY hard to get ahold of....VERY hard).   it was a last minute in, i called the moment they opened - at nine- and was in at 9:45 for an appointment!!! wow. thank you LORD!

after that trip we now have a new set of instructions.

Ibuprofin, ice the leg three times a day, encourage her to try walking.

alright. as of nap time today, she has SUCCESSFULLY walked by and from the bathroom!!! yipppeee!!! praise the LORD!!

so. a quick story for those of you who don't know what happened.

Thursday night we were enjoying a spontaneous dinner with our neighbors when a huge crash was heard from Julia's room.  We ran in to find her on all fours in the middle of her room (away from any objects or furniture) she was in great pain, clutching her leg RIGHT where she broke it last spring....dun dun dudun. scary i know!!  All she had been doing was looking up to see if her flowers were blooming, so...she fell from a standing position to her hands and knees. that's it. crazy eh?
Dave took her in to emerg for xrays. 
and the rest is history.

thanks for the concern and the prayers. God is so faithful. He shows us this everyday. Julia has been very content to just sit on the couch and imagine great and wonderous things. honestly, i would ask her what toy-book-puzzle to bring her, and she would say, "No thank you i'm okay". and then continue her great plan to "Trap all the gravity so that i can fly". yep. that's my three year old. still searching for a way to have 'victory' over gravity and take off into the great blue sky.

i love her.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

hey all

update for J's leg:

still can't put any pressure on it. 

thankfully she can now straighten her leg and put her foot flat on the floor without too much fuss.

still has a lot of trouble with transitions. (moving her to the toilet, or the car, or to a different chair-bed-couch)

I called the hospital, they told me that nothing was seen on the xrays (i figured that would happen) and so if she was unable to walk by monday (next business day) to contact my family doc. and get a cast put onto her leg.  

SO.....we are hoping to see improvement in the next day so that we DON'T have to do that. :)

but if we must ... we must.

love from su

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

again ... we are living sideways.....

dancing in new dance-exercise clothes!!
lovely chickens.....
my toes!!!!


okay...why these didn't flip-rotate, i just don't know. but i can't waste any more time on it.

first day of school!!! need i say more?????

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sorry for lack of posting.

i am getting used to a new computer. yipppeee!! 

and i am trying to pack, study the bible a lot these days, and get ready for julia's school and dance programs!! eeeeek!!

love you all
we may have a home, one that was offered to us for a really great price, a transitional home, we'd stay there for a few years and save money to move on.  or just save money to use on bigger and better things than homes and such. haha. there is so much more that our money can do.

pictures of fun coming soon.