Monday, October 30, 2006

gRoWInG uP

Mom this is for you, she wore her Christmas gift to church today, and looked OOOOOH so cute in it!! Sorry, the sweater covers part of it in the pic, but it is a super-cute-nearly-cowgirl-dress.
Ah, what can i say? She found one that was her size, and had to sit on it. Opa has a big one that he gave her a ride on at the cottage last summer, she still remembers it. :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

A new Day


this is a breakthrough, i am not posting any pictures with this blog!! wow. let's see how i do.

Lately life has been busy for me, a lot of new 'programs' starting, or appointments to make and go to. I began a low impact exercise class at my church on tuesdays; babysitting provided for just a dollar and good friends to talk to. I really enjoyed it, and need it. My body isn't getting the same exercise that i had with Julia in my belly, and i could use the natural endorphins. (it has turned into a grumpy week)

Dentist appointment numero uno took place this week as well. 2 cavities filled....2 more to go. bla. I don't mind the "pain" side of is that TERRIBLE DRILL. The vibrations it sends through my skull are NOT pleasant. ug. it gives me shivers just thinking about it. And the, like burned toast, i should ask for ear plugs next time so i can't hear the buzzing of it as well.

Thursday was my ultrasound!! All went well. I was there for one hour and they counted two ears, feet, legs, arms, kidneys, etcetc. All the heart chambers, etc etc. I never worry about these things, but it was thrilling to know that they are there...growing, moving, and preparing for March and their entry into an atmosphere of air instead of liquid. I enjoy visits like these. I like to talk with the technicians, and the lady i had was so willing to chat. She told me about her kids, her worries about them as adults now, and how they renovated their little old farm house to fit them. People are so interesting, and it is very nice to live in a community where you can find someone new to talk to each day if desired. (and only a small percentage of them will think you are strange) :)

Julia has had a very thrilling week becasue Tuesday through Thursday were all play dates for her, since mommy had appointments and such. I have noticed myself falling into parenting patterns this week that i don't like. Recently my focus has been too "stop it from happening because it is easier for me" instead of "let natural consequences teach her, because this isn't a serious discipline issue". So, my grumpiness is with myself mostly....and trying to figure out how to retrain my brain.

Last night a very happy thing happened! our neighbors stopped in!!!!!! THis made my grumpiness subside simply because it was a first time event! I have been at the neighbors door or yard countless times, but they have not yet ventured over. Last night three of them did ,and we nearly succeeded in getting them to sit down with us for tea. ( They were delivering a treat bag for sweet julia, who they love and laugh at constantly)

This week we are learning about compassion, caring for those in need, and where in Proverbs we can find instruction regarding this. Perfect timing since it is operation christmas child week at church, and we have been teaching Julia all about it. SInce Sunday Julia has prayed for the "Boys and Girls all around the world" because they may not have a lot of food, clothing, shelter, etc. Her concern for these things is great. And the excitement she shows for our shopping trip to fill the shoebox is equal to the excitement she displayed upon receiving a gift herself. of this, i am so thrilled. learning the art of compassion at the age of 2 will be a great start to a life of loving others.
Some of her own ideas for filling the shoebox:
- colors and paper
-matching bowl, spoon and cup (since Julia herself is OBSESSED with her dinnerware matching colors right now....very funny to hear and watch)
- a sweater
- a teddy
- apples and oranges (had to explain the 'food goes bad' part)

Well, perhaps i should go.

It is coffee time, breakfast time, play time, (make christmas ornament time?? maybe) and such.

from sue. i love my family.

Monday, October 23, 2006

we love daddy, we love daddy!

The Moose Hunter is Home.

After 10 days of travel, snow, bush, moose, and tents, he is home. and his girls couldn't be happier.

Upon his arrival, we had supper together and opened Christmas gifts left by my parents. THANK YOU! :) Julia received some dresses, dave a sweater and shirt, and myself a lovely sweater-shirt ansemble!

Here is a family shot: sporting our new duds. (oh man, do i ever sound like my dad!)Julia, besides needing some 'daddy discipline' in the days prior to the return of the dave, desperately needed daddy time. So, now they have made up for lost time. The picture of the flaming bright orange J and D, well, that is them hunting moose in the house. haha. Dave took the camera and walked all over the house finding moose with J and asking her to take pictures of them. (she took real pictures of random places in the house where they "saw" moose.)

Very sweet. The two of them played all day and enjoyed each other after a long time apart. Here is the tired hunter....after a long day of play.......
Soon after his arrival, Dave's Cousin Sarah came to visit with her sweet baby May. We spent the morning playing, talking, and watching the girls . Julia , of course, loved May and wanted to hold her , until May squirmed too much for J to hold....short attention span...back to toys. :)
Well, i am thankful for a husband that is back from the great white north, and a daughter who is sleeping now, so i can go lay down and sleep as well.

Heehee. we started listening to Christmas music this weekend! adn dave bought me my Christmas gift....a lovely book of Christmas tunes for the piano and guitar!! yippeeee!!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Farewell

on our own again. it is quiet, dull and the air is still. Mom and Dad, it was great to have you here. Julia was overjoyed to have you as playmates and storyreaders for so long! She thinks that you will be here when her nap is over....i will have to try to explain the "going home" thing again. As soon as you left, she asked if we could call you. haha.
Thank you for the lovely visit, games nights, dinner out, a concert, fun talks, breaky at timmy's and all the lovely chats we had over Chai.
This morning, before ma and pa had to leave, we walked through the market one last time together.
Oh, and here is a pic of gramps and Jules digging up fossils at a local kids museum....which is closing down. :( boohoo. actually , there was hardly anything left for them to do. it was sad. but we had fun with what they supplied: the fossil table, and the switchboard for the train tracks!!

Well, off to read again. loves to all. happy flying mom and dad.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

it worked!

Monday, October 16, 2006

wacky pic at a time...

beach bums

Okay, so it took three tries and i only got one picture out of the deal...more to come soon i hope!!

We have had a fabulous day. It was our day to explore and discover new places and some old...

Dad and i had breaky at T.Hortons and then picked the girls up to drive around the county for a couple hours. We saw beautiful trees, fields, barns, and here is a beach we stopped at for a walk and some rock collecting.

It is so lovely to have my parents here for a while. They are good company. Always playing games, doing my dishes, buying groceries, laughing at Corner Gas and touring the city sights with us.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

So much fun under the sun (when it comes out)

To Market, To Market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig!
Soup-te-loup-de-doop! Meal times with Nana and Gramps are eventful!
Story times are frequent. Here Julia is receiving history lessons about the east coast of canada.

And it is so interesting that her imagination has created a little Anne of Green Gables look-a-like .........................
tonight: out for supper, and a concert!!!!!!!! whoooooooohooooooooooo!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bizzare Blizzard

Julia and i arrived home from our morning Midwife appointment, enjoying the sunny clear sky and the very chilly air. Soon after coming home we decided a walk to the park would make our day delightful....and a collection of winter clothing was necessary due to the previously mentioned chilly air.
We had not yet crossed the road south of our abode, when a gust of icy (no longer just CHILLY) air rushed past us. And with it a cloud; or a fog of sorts followed. Billowing swoops of snowflakes; first tiny and sparklish in size, then increasing to full fluffs of powdery snow, blew down the street. (for those that have seen Lord of the Rings, it was similar to the clouds of ghost soldiers in the last battle) A swift moving grayness that poured snow and cold upon us.

Needless to say. our walk to the park was a walk across the street and back. our autumn clothes did not hold up against the nasty-ice-like wind.

Well, that was our bizzare Blizzard. Tonight my Parents arrive from their maritime exploration to join our snowy cold-ness.

on a funny note: i met a lady from church at my midwife office and she was telling me about "how advanced julia is", to which i smile and say, "oh?" knowing a funny story will follow.
Aparently in the children's room at church one day a girl was chewing gum and julia made the observation that, "It smells like mint", which is not a usual thing for a little girl to say. hahahaha. Julia's knowledge is of the odd things her mind enjoys and we then explore together (ie// maps, letters, trees, animals, God, etc).
it is very thrilling to see a mind at work, to hear thoughts and fears and dreams come out of her mouth and then (when we have time) explore them.

Love to all.
from the snowy owls.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wonderful Autumn Weekend

All three of us were home this weekend, for the whole-long-lovely-splendid weekend!! Here we are on our family walk to the park. Ah. such a nice way to spend an evening. I tried to capture the burning-bright colors on our neighboring trees, but once at home they didn't look that good. I will have to attempt that task yet another day.

Monday we travelled to the fair. "Daddy, i want to go to a county fair" yep. she loves them like i do. Carousels, animals, farm machines and frenzy. i just love the atmosphere and naustalgia of a fall fair.
aaaaaaawwww. This little lamb was soooo sweet. I think we may have to get one for a pet. I see so many positive aspects of a barnyard style pet: they don't need litter training, they don't live in the house (for me to clean up after them. ), and they could trim the grass perfectly, without any trouble!! Dave says the city won't let me own a donkey in town.....but i wonder if a goat or sheep would be okay..... :)ah, the tractor duo. Just like Bob and Wendy. Can we fix it?? yes we can!! (no she doesn't watch bob that often...maybe a movie of him once every other week or so, but this phrase is her favorite for some reason. she wakes up singing it. And she does so like this, "mommy.....Can we fix it???" then say s that over and over until someone replies "yes we can!" which to her means, good morning or goodendof nap, and she gigggles like crazy)
aaaaw, the cute ducks and geese and chickens. This was the noisiest barn we walked through at the fair. it took a few paces before we adjusted to the volume level.

I should be reading. Got to go !!

love from sue

Farm Girl

we all loved the fair. especially the animal and tractor exibits!! we tried out a lot of fun tractors, only to sit and belt up, then fiddle with the levers and such. no real driving. but it was exciting anyway.

more to come.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Thankfulness Day

hi there folks,

i hope all you canadian readers are having a delightful thanksgiving weekend!! Ours has been lovely so far. Last night we enjoyed family dinner at Oma and Opa's house. We ate, we laughed and talked. ate some more. watched Corner Gas, season three episodes.

Here are some funnies-quotes-stuff from the evening:

Anti-Karli swinging a pendulum-like toy in front of Julia; back and forth, back and forth, Julia's eyes watching it closely....then Julia says in a slow drawn out way, "i'm falling apart".

hahaha. it was a funny.

Julia at the dinner table starts singing, "Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord"
But after a couple rounds it starts sounding more like, "Hall-lou-la-oula, Hall-lou-ju-lia" Then when everyone starts laughing it remains, "Hall-lou-julia". yes. children respond quickly to any form of encouragement, haha, we all know this well.

"we could buy a goat, or maybe some piggies for Christmas" (no, that wasn't Julia speaking)

"I can't run with Jan Arden." --any corner gas fans get it?? heehee. i loved that one.

well...okay, so there was a lot of chatting that i can't recall. my pregnant brain is REALLY affecting my mental capacity in so many ways.

we had a lovely evening. sunday has been quiet, beautiful and peacefilled. and tomorrow we will go to the FAIR!! ooooooh i can't wait to see the horses, cows and alpaca's!!

love from us, the thankful, giggling, nausling crew

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

so many birthdays!!

WOOOOOW, who knew the green from this shirt would be so radiant on our faces...hmmm...perhaps it isn't the best color for me....oh well, i love the shirt. Tough luck fashion police.

Yesterday was Amy Otis' birthday!!!
Today is Carly kamps' birthday!!!
Tomorrow is Amy HIlls' birthday!!!
Celebration time!!
We were blessed by a road trip - quick stop visit from Amy Otis today. Lunch, talkings, hugs and goodbyes, but with the hope of more to come!! Thank you for the stop-by Am's!!
A HUGE THANKS TO JESSICA!! God has this was of dropping off clothes for Julia and myself EXACTLY WHEN i am thinking i need to purchase some. Either God knows i have limited fashion sense, and is preventing me from excersizing it....or He is simply continuing to provide for our regualr everyday needs through those around us.

I really laugh at this now because God's timing is uncanny, but really, i mean, He is God if anyone is good at timing it's HIM. For two and a half years we have received clothes for Julia just when we need it, or before. As well as for me. My favorite clothes come for Karli, who has this excellent style and taste which i adore, and love to borrow!! (thank you) Good friends in Brampton did this for us, and here as well. Jessica, Alicia, Nik, Karli- they have all added to our wardrobe. amazing.

God is just so good, and humorous. really.

now that we can afford it, i am terrified of what may have happened during these past three years.

well.......i guess i'll find out...tomorrow.eeeeek. the one good thing - i am very excited to introduce Julia to another aspect of life.the dentist. She loves hospitals, doctors, all that jazz, so this will be a fun outing for her. Good to get her used to the setting before her first visit sometime in the spring. Who knows, perhaps the dentist will have a moment to talk to her, let her sit in the chair, look in her mouth with the fun little mirrors. could be exciting. :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006


This weekend was filled with fun and excitement! THE HILLS came over!! On thursday evening we met them at the family resort (mom and dad's house) where they stayed the three nights of their vacation to Nausland. We encountered rain, sun, good food, great discussion, fun friend times, laughable kid times, shopping, a carousel ride, more rain, more sun, more laughter, more good food, pancakes (a must with the hill-naus gang), hugs, snuggles and fun. here are just a few snuggles from the weekend:
Jules and Em.
THe cute couple
Jules and MamaSue.