Friday, April 19, 2013

In the morning...

 The table: set, ready to welcome a Nine Year Old to breakfast.
 The Photos: Hung, reminding us of years that are behind us now.
 Bright eyes early in the morning... ready for her Treasure Hunt! :)
 Little One and Little Two follow her around the "Lasers" -as they call them-  150 feet of cord hung all around the house with gifts hidden along it's path.
 Favorite Gift of Year Nine:  a book on Raptors in our area...and a location for us to travel to in October to watch their migration. :)
 Fluffy Silver Dollar pancakes, fruit salad and juice.  Special Breakfast for a special daughter.
Ready for her first day of school as a Nine year old! :)

Sweetie Turns NIne

 Cream Puff Birthday treats!
 Sweetie's Cousin, wearing the classy Birthday glasses.
 Cousin sleeping through the festivities... :)
 A Skip-it!!! sooooo exciting!