Saturday, January 28, 2006

more pictures for my raving lunatic fans! :) (i meant that in a loving way)

Here is Julia's room! oh i am soooo excited about this one! heehee. Karli's friend Karla helped me paint the grass on the walls today! what fun! ooooooooh so fun! IN fact KARLA Raes (is that how you spell your last name??) wants to start a business painting murals in childrens' rooms....she is a VERY ACCOMPLISHED is a news bulletin to all you folkies out there....she can transform your home! :)

Here is the BEAUTIFUL design that dave did on our floor...i love it. LOVE IT. it looks SOOOOOO professional...and jazzed up our kitchen a lot!

The other day it was tres windy, so Julia and I went "balloon flying". much fun. i love this is JUST like spring! sunny, clear, BEAUTIFUL, sunny, gorgeous...such happy happy weather...and the wind blows, and trains come through town...and we run down the street to see them pound the tracks and blow their horns.....we get the mail for Oma, and we make supper (julia cuts the mushrooms, or other soft things that are easily mutilated by plasict knifes..yes i let her play with PLASTIC knifes..haha) Julia now helps me set the table...and it isn't even right to call it HELPING. she DEMANDS that i let her i don' tknow what that is called...Sup-a-Dup-a-Help? maybe. anyhow. while you search in your lexicon for the correct spelling of her new title, i'll continue my rant.
Julia loves to tell us what is happening, or what color her toys are, or just anything that she recognizes she blurts out like this: "This a _________" or "Julia's __________" or "Mommy has __________" it is sooooooo cute. Her memory is increasing in capacity...very cool to see, well..hear. she now can continue songs if we start "Jesus loves me" and then she sings "dis i know". OR "Jingle bells jingle bells" and she says. "Jingle way". haha. there are a few others too...but you get the idea.
enough rant for now. love from us here in Ontario. dave is off to late night hockey soon... maybe we'll play scrabble first...
bye from dsandj.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Second Stage Renovations

Dear Folkies,

DAVE HAS BEEN WORKING sososososososososososososo HARD! and it is paying off . the house looks awesome, very muchly good. amazing. Even though it still resembles a construction zone...well, the appearance is ten times better than when we started out!

here are a few of the changes we have made: Torn apart the old kitchen, painted it an olive-ish color, started putting in new cabinets, new stove, new fridge. Tiled the floor....IT LOOKS AMAZING! we adapted the design our friends THE CLARKES had in their home. Thank you Clarkes. you are an inspiration to us. :)
this pic of the archway is between the dining and living spaces. the chocolate color is the wall color for the dining room, and contrast for the living room. :) Dave's grand idea, looks awesome.

well...there have been COUNTLESS things changing in the house, and twice as many more to do....but perhaps in a week, or 2 we'll be living there..... ah. wouldn't that be loverly, loverly. loverly. our own home. :)
love from sue

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Camera in Use....

Here are my pictures from the trip to BC for Christmas! although i have only done a wee bit of our are the lovely Lapa's, Sarah, Nu and Lesina with Julia. (in stead of Mekaia, since he was sleeping)

then there is a pic of our lovely cousins enjoying each other's company. heehee. they had SO MUCH FUN! Julia misses you SINA!

And there is a pic of Teddy on top of the train with the gang inside (Julia, Uncle Jeff, Aunti Tash, and MamaSue).

what fun!! love from us.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


hey there ho there hi there,
we're as happy as can be!

sorry....lines from kids' songs are running through my mind! ha
any way....less words, more pics. here ya go!

okay so this computer is ... slow.. when we get in to our house our computer will get MORE pics up faster... :)

loves from us. isn't she CUTE! ? man. i can't get over how swwwwwwwwweeeeeet she is.

Friday, January 13, 2006


SO here we are....awaiting our lovely home to be lovely. Dave has spent the last two days there sanding, hammering, stuffing insulation in walls....etcetc...lots of fun... So that is what we are doing now. making a house. yep. MAKING a house....

soon i'll get pics up, i haven't unpacked the USP cord yet so i can't post any of my own pics. :) so sad.

love to all.....AND IF YOU HAVE the previous post and reply! :)
love from me.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Project Write a Story

Hullo dear folks,

Dave, Julia and I have been enjoying family and friend time here in BC. The wet wet wet weather has not dampened our spirits...heehee, and it has been wet...we are experiencing our FIRST non-rainy day in...oh...say....since we arrived on the 19th of Dec. wow. yes. that is wet.

I decided to do a little game with y'all. Dear Elly did this game on her blog, and i thought it was so fun to read the replies... so here goes:

EVERYONE who is reading this, and who knows me, please reply with your favorite, or most prominent memory of me. heehee. yipppeee. who needs novels when you have this kind of entertainment.......haha.

love to all, good day!
from sue.
ps. even if you don't know me, please respond.....because i think that would be hilarious.